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GM Had a Version of OnStar in 1966?!?!

Most people in the world are familiar with the wide range of new technologies included in modern cars.

These days, new vehicles come with everything including central computer systems, RemoteLink, Intellilink, digital dashboards and even integrated entertainment platforms.

It's very different from the cars sold just a few decades ago which were largely devoid of advanced electronics. Wireless systems like OnStar were something many drivers thought of as science fiction in the 1960s.

GM Moves to Ease Shortage of "Red Hot" Encores.

GM Ships more Buick Encores to the Relief of Dealerships Nationwide

GM's initial sales estimates for the Encore were lower than the reality for it's new fuel efficient SUV, an enviable problem for any auto maker. With sales all over the country surpassing initial estimates, GM has recently begun to ship an increased volume of 2013 Buick Encores to dealers in hopes of pushing far past expected sales numbers.

The Buick Grand National: What's in an engine?

Excitement resigned among enthusiasts when GM applied to renew the trademarks on the Grand National and GNX badges which have not been used since the 1987 Buick Regal Grand  National was produced. The 547 1987 GNXs originally produced have recently generated occasional auction sales in excess of $100,000.

Now, rumors may turn into reality as the all-black Grand National may be introduced at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. The stunning resurgence of the Buick...

The 2013 Buick Verano Turbo

The 2013 Buick Verano Turbo exists as a testament to this company's ability to manufacture speed and agility that is packaged in a smooth, comfortable, and compact design. The sales numbers have also strengthened the Verano's case, allowing this vehicle to pull ahead of the Buick Regal when you look directly at the numbers. Buyers are most likely to enter into this deal based on the appeal of the turbo-charged engine. This component...

GMC SUVs and Trucks Lead Convoy...

In recent years, GMC has begun a complete overhaul of their vehicle lineup, working hard to deliver the best value to consumers while still maintaining GMC's high quality and performance.  This year the trucks and SUVs have joined the cars in the top-to-bottom overhaul, with some great improvements, and some surprises.

GMC Terrain

First on the list is the GMC Terrain. This crossover vehicle is looking to get into shape, dropping quite a bit?

2015 GMC Sierra Spotted

KGP Photography spent an undisclosed amount of time in the woods next to the GMC test track to grab the first photos of a "semi-naked" 2015 GMC Sierra Heavy Duty 2500-3500. As reported by, the smaller vinyl body coverings are a tell-tale sign that the drive-train has most likely been finalized. The photos seem to confirm this in more than one way. Aside from just the smaller vinyl camouflage panels, the truck is also spotted pulling?

Buick Encore Ranks Highest in Segment

The all-new 2013 Buick Encore has been recognized by J.D. Power as the top ranking sub-compact CUV in its "Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study" (APEAL). This study examines customer satisfaction during the first 90 days of new vehicle ownership or leasing. A total of 83,000 responses were compiled in the 2013 APEAL study.

Tony DiSalle, Buick's VP of Marketing, suggested that "this award reinforces our focus on putting the customer at...

Buick: I Spy a Crossover

Manufacturers are always extremely secretive about the features and the sensitive release information of highly-anticipated products before they hit the market. Buyers and bloggers are always clamoring to be the first to know exactly what will be in stores before anyone else gets the chance to have the scoop.

It's hard to forget the scandal in which an Apple employee accidentally left the new iPhone sitting on a counter at a local establishment, leading...

Buick's Akerson Thinks Opel a Good Fit

The average age of Buick buyers has dropped from 64 to 57 during the last five years, and recent statements by General Motors chief Dan Akerson indicate that the tri-shield brand may soon be doing even more to attract younger buyers. Akerson was speaking at an investor conference in June when he mentioned that two Opel models would be a good fit for Buick, and that the decision by his predecessor to not bring these...

The redesigned 2014 GMC Sierra arrived in dealer showrooms during a banner month for the brand.

Retail sales saw a 17 percent increase, and its core products Acadia, Terrain and Sierra all posted gains.

These are the best June results GMC has had in seven years and continue a strong year for the truck maker. Retail sales are up 14 percent for the year, and the new Sierra's arrival looks set to keep the...