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GM Ahead of Schedule in 2013 Truck Sell Down

Despite lingering effects from the recession, automotive sales continue to enjoy a healthy spike. 

In fact, General Motors is reporting it's ahead of schedule in selling down the remaining supply of 2013 model year trucks. Chuck Stevens, the company's chief financial officer, said GM has sold at least 20,000 more trucks than expected, making for a smooth transition to 2014 models.

In April, production on the 2014 GMC Sierra (and Chevy Silverado
) crew cab pickup trucks began in earnest, and the vehicles are still making their way to more dealerships across the country. Currently, around 85 percent of GM's truck sales are 2013 models, but that number is expected to taper off as the new trucks become more widely available.

General Motors is gearing up for the 2014 sales season by offering buyers wireless charging options for their smart phones on selected models. This is an attractive grab on customer's attention for a number of reasons, the first being to reduce clutter in the driving compartment. Instead of a bulky and balky charging cable hovering around the gear shift, customers will be able to access the charging option via the central console's touch...

Sneak Peek: The Return of the GMC Canyon

Those in the market for a new pickup are now able to take a sneak peek at the next generation GMC Canyon.

The Executive Vice President of GM, Dan Ammann, also the company's Chief Financial Officer, proudly unveiled the new and improved Canyon at the Management Briefing Seminar held by the Center for Automotive Research of Ann Arbor, Michigan recently.

Some of the impressive new features which have been redesigned for the next generation...

Buick Encore Has Surprised Us All

Nine times out of ten, the predictions of the critics are fairly adequate indicators of how well a car will do once it hits the open market. The rarity in which they are wrong proves to be a time for the public to discover a vehicle which represents a "diamond in the rough," so to speak. A brilliant example of this phenomenon is the 2013 Buick Encore.

When the test drives were over and the
writing revealed, this crossover seemed to have a bleak future. However, manufacturers were pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome the public gave the Encore. The reception may have been lukewarm at first, however, the enthusiasm for this crossover has been steadily growing ever since.

GM Considering Diesel Engine for Midsize Trucks

While General Motors has officially launched its new line of midsize pickup trucks, the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, the details and specifications of the trucks, such as the engines and other internal components of the trucks are still unconfirmed. With that being said, there are sources familiar with the GM product planning process that are indicating that the company could be considering powering at least of of the two new pickup midsize pickup trucks...

What's GM Up To in Tennessee?

American car manufacturer General Motors has announced it will be injecting the company's Spring Hill, Tennessee manufacturing facility with an impressive investment of $167-million.

This investment comes after GM already sunk $187-million dollars into a project at the facility; a project which has yet to be named says official from the Spring Hill, TN factory which was once the home of Saturn.

Even more, experts are expecting the money to be used to cover...
If the rumors are true, General Motors will reveal its newest lineup of SUVs during this year's Texas State Fair.

Like the all-new 2014 GMC Sierra they're based on, the 2015 Chevy Tahoe and 2015 GMC Yukon have been hotly anticipated since spy photos of the vehicles first began circulating. Those photos, which featured the SUVs in camouflage, ignited a debate over how much change this next generation will bring. Although the exterior
appears relatively unaltered, many believe that the interiors of the vehicles are getting a major revamping to provide more space and better safety features. It makes sense that the Texas State Fair would be selected as the venue for the SUV 2015 lineup debut.

GM Had a Version of OnStar in 1966?!?!

Most people in the world are familiar with the wide range of new technologies included in modern cars.

These days, new vehicles come with everything including central computer systems, RemoteLink, Intellilink, digital dashboards and even integrated entertainment platforms.

It's very different from the cars sold just a few decades ago which were largely devoid of advanced electronics. Wireless systems like OnStar were something many drivers thought of as science fiction in the 1960s.

GM Moves to Ease Shortage of "Red Hot" Encores.

GM Ships more Buick Encores to the Relief of Dealerships Nationwide

GM's initial sales estimates for the Encore were lower than the reality for it's new fuel efficient SUV, an enviable problem for any auto maker. With sales all over the country surpassing initial estimates, GM has recently begun to ship an increased volume of 2013 Buick Encores to dealers in hopes of pushing far past expected sales numbers.

The Buick Grand National: What's in an engine?

Excitement resigned among enthusiasts when GM applied to renew the trademarks on the Grand National and GNX badges which have not been used since the 1987 Buick Regal Grand  National was produced. The 547 1987 GNXs originally produced have recently generated occasional auction sales in excess of $100,000.

Now, rumors may turn into reality as the all-black Grand National may be introduced at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. The stunning resurgence of the Buick...