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Madden 25: One Part Football Game & One Part GMC Ad Campaign

Another installment of the popular Madden NFL franchise will be hitting store shelves to the delight of football fans and video game enthusiasts everywhere.

Madden 25 features the same realistic graphics and exciting gameplay that players have come to love, but this installment also includes some new material. One of these changes is the inclusion of GMC as the official truck of Madden 25. The inclusion of GMC will help show the real world alliance...

The 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 Work Truck

A perennial favorite of GMC fans, the 2013 version of the full-size Sierra 1500 pick-up retains the wide, spacious interior and smooth, yet gunning handling fans know  and love.

Of course, the real benefit of getting a GMC Sierra Work Truck is clear as soon as you drive it out of the city and onto hole-ridden backroads and mountain highways overlaid with ice and snow. Responsive and efficient shifting combines with mean engine throttle for...

The 2013 Buick LaCrosse: What's Not to Like?

GM's Buick division manages to serve a wide demographic through the many innovative features you'll find in its 2013 Buick LaCrosse
Want an example?

How about this; every LaCrosse will surround its occupants with luxurious cabin appointments. Add some blue ambient lighting to create an inviting glow at night.

Still not satisfied?

For those who like fuel economy with their luxury, the standard 2.4 L "e-assist" mild hybrid engine delivers. Thanks to...

A Look at the 2013 Buick Encore

In contrast to the trends among crossover SUVs a decade ago, today's crossovers seem to be getting smaller and smaller in size. Chalk it up to higher gas prices and tighter budgets among consumers. Nevertheless, the demand for premium luxury remains strong as ever and Buick aims to take advantage with the new 2013 Buick Encore.

At first glance, the Encore's diminutive size is a definite departure from Buicks of old. In fact...

Which Futurliner is Which?

The Futurliners...

Where have they all gone?

To answer that question, we have to take a brief look back at how it all started.


Inspired by a previous effort to build a giant transportation vehicle called the Streamliner in 1936 for Parade and Progress display of innovative mobile ethnology, GM would later serve up 12 Futurliner models in 1941.

These Futurliners were more than 10 yards in length and four yards high, employing an...

June Sales Best Ever for Buick Enclave

What happens when quality vehicles meet the standards that customers expect out of them? 

They sell.

Buick is proud to announce that the 2013 Buick Enclave sold more units in June than in any other month. The company has listened seriously to feedback from customers on now to improve the Enclave as well as their other vehicles. The popular luxury crossover is an ideal family vehicle with seating for seven and an...

TROY, Ohio -- Anyone who has had to sit in the waiting area of the typical car dealership can relate to this experience: outdated magazines, uncomfortable chairs and bitter, stale coffee that's been cooking on the burner all day.

But toss those cheap paper cups and powdered creamer packets and take heart: Dave Arbogast Buick GMC Vans RVs is the exception to the norm. Following our recent renovations, the dealership has teamed up with Boston...
The 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 is an extraordinarily powerful work truck. 

The Sierra can haul nearly two tons and haul 2.5 tons or more. Recovery hooks on the front make it easier to pull this truck out of the mud or use the truck to pull others from the ditch. There's even an available power liftgate to help protect the user's back. To keep this vehicle on task, GMC offers several powerful...

The 11 Most Significant Buicks in 11 Decades

Following last week's article about Buick and what it's become nearly a century and decade later, we've decided to highlight 11 of the most intriguing models the brand has created over the years.

Since May 17, 1903, the Buick brand of General Motors has been a hallmark of excellence in the auto industry. Buick, through innovative engineering and forward-leaning design, has been able to remain near the top of the heap for...

Buick: A Century and a Decade Later...

"A century and a decade" is the answer.

The question: "How long has Buick been around?"

It is, in fact, the oldest American automotive brand. Buick Motor Company was incorporated on May 19, 1903. Now, some 43 million new vehicle sales later, the Buick brand is experiencing a real renaissance. Today, many of General Motors' latest ideas find their way quickly into the luxurious vehicles of the Buick Division