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Buick and the NFL: A Dave Arbogast Case Study

There is nothing more American than good old fashioned NFL Football. It seems that this time of year, football season, is a time when I relate almost everything on my mind into a football  analogy. It's natural. For example, my breakfast at the local roadside diner has decreased in quality for the last few months. They brought in a new cook and my diner has become very Detroit Lions like. It has...

Choosing Snow Tires For Your Vehicle

As the weather begins to change, not only is tire rotation a necessity, but choosing the right tires for your vehicle is especially important during the winter months. Whether you drive a long distance, mainly on the highway or dirt roads, all these conditions should be factored in when it comes to choosing snow tires for your vehicle. If you follow these basic guidelines, deciding on the right snow tires doesn't have...

Who Is To Blame When A Robotic Car Crashes?

The first car was invented in 1885 and has been being improving ever since. Extra wheels were added, engines were improved, and safety features were invented. Now, over a century later,  cars are still constantly changing to make the device even better.

Unfortunately, with cars being used so often, accidents are bound to happen. Most companies have been attempting to design their cars so that the driver and machine are safe even after being involved...

Cell Phone Blocking Device for Your Car

Everyone breaks the law once in a while. You know, when the cell phone is ringing and you are expecting an important call. It is hard to let it ring. You know you aren't suppose to answer, but just this one time couldn't hurt. It happens every day. The stories change, but people are still talking on cells while they are driving. Most states have passed laws making it illegal, but teens especially seem to forget.

Every year people are killed because someone was talking or texting while driving. It is tempting for most people and they think they are the exception. They can drive and talk. The distraction will not be a problem for them. It only take one mistake and someone's life can be changed.

A delivery driver was getting tired of seeing people on the road everyday talking while they were driving. He was aware of several times, they almost caused accidents. He thought about it for a long time and came up with a way of blocking cell phone coverage for five feet around the driver's seat. He and a friend worked on the project and got it patented. They felt it was not only a way to make money, but a way to help people from hurting themselves or someone else. It was a moral responsibility...

GM Testing New Lightweight Magnesium Sheet Metal

The team at GM is currently testing a lightweight magnesium sheet metal in an attempt to increase usage of the extra-strong alternative to aluminum and steel.

The testing involves a thermal forming process and proprietary corrosion resistance treatment for the sheet metal. GM is hoping it will help increase use of low-mass components on vehicles throughout the world. They also plan to pursue licensing opportunities related to the new technology.

Employees from GM believe the...
General Motors Europe has debuted the Opel Cascada, a luxurious four passenger convertible. Cascada is Spanish for 'waterfall'.

Should the Cascada catch on, GM may see its Opel 'Waterfall' ' produce a 'windfall,' meaning we could see the unit in the states in the future.

Analysts have been quick to speculate that this new European convertible may be a precursor to a long-awaited Buick convertible in the United States. Some point to a history of Opels transforming into Buicks. Others see a Buick convertible as a logical next...

Spyshots: New GMC Canyon

Production of the previous generation of the GMC Canyon ended in July when the last one rolled off the line at GM's Shreveport, LA plant, which is now closed. Tony DiSalle, the VP of Marketing for Buick/GMC, has confirmed that rumors of a next-gen Canyon are well-based.

Now, spy shots taken in Michigan provide an early glimpse at a possible 2014 GMC Canyon with a beefed-up look for the American market.

GMC Crossovers Set Records

The ascendancy of the GMC crossover continues. In September, the GMC Acadia and GMC Terrain combined to post company's best total and retail crossover sales ever. Individual customers purchased 13 percent more Terrains year-over-year, while sales to individual customers of the three-row Acadia went up 22 percent over the same period.

As recently as the 2006 model year, GMC was strictly a line of trucks, SUVs, and vans. Then, in 2007, the brand entered...

Cleaning Your Car Like A Pro

A car is one of the largest investments anyone will ever make in their life, so they want to choose one that is right for them. In addition, most vehicle owners like to keep their car looking like new, but they might not know how to do so without paying for a professional detailing service.

Fortunately, anyone can make their car look like it was freshly detailed if they are willing to put in a little effort. Having the right tools and cleaners will make the job much easier.


When someone drives a car off the dealership's lot, the interior is practically spotless, but this look does not usually last too long. The new-car smell also tends to be replaced with a musty smell fairly quickly, but this problem can be fixed by having the right equipment. To begin with, people choose a cleaning product to polish up their dash and instrument panel. From there, they can use an air compressor to loosen up dirt and dust buried in the floor mats and vents. A vacuum with a hose attachment can be used to get in between the center consoles and seats. Finally, shampooing the mats and seats will remove invisible substances that can lead to horrible smells.

Intellilink: The Future of Infotainment

General Motors innovative IntelliLink system offers in-vehicle smartphone connectivity and much more. It is now standard on all Buick models and it is an available option on the GMC Terrain and Acadia.
Safety and Convenience

IntelliLink converts the vehicle's seven inch infotainment screen into a mobile command center. Android, IOS, and Blackberry devices all work with the system. Icons on the touch screen can be custom-configured to align with driver preference.

Motorists can keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel thanks to voice-controlled phone and audio functions. Phone calls can be placed via voice command. Likewise, favorite songs and/or artists can be summoned by voice only....