Blog Post List Trade-In Marketplace Is Here! is now offering a great and relatively new service to those who are looking to trade their car in or sell their car, the ability to get a guaranteed trade in offer before you even walk onto a car lot or into a dealership.

The Trade In MarketPlace is a great way for people to simply type in some general information about their car and get a quote on a GUARANTEED...
Car owners don't necessarily have to be certified mechanics to know when something is wrong with a vehicle. Cars make a variety of noises, including thumps, squeals and hisses, that let drivers know when something is wrong.

Staying tuned in to vehicle noise is important for drivers who want to keep their cars in good shape. Essentially, owners can listen to the sounds made by their cars and possibly invest in early care to avoid total breakdown and more costly vehicle repairs down the road.

Most drivers know the types of noises made by their vehicles during normal operation. If and when these noises change, drivers should be careful to note any oddities in the new sounds, which could be signs that problems are developing. Many noises represent specific issues in a vehicle's operation, such as high-pitched squealing that stops when the driver hits the brakes; this is often a sign that brake inspection is due. When grinding sounds are heard each time the brakes are applied, it might mean that brake pads are worn and in need of replacement...

GMC Canyon Replacement Confirmed

The Canyon's future re-emergence was confirmed during a recent conference call with the Vice-President of Marketing for Buick/GMC, Tony DiSalle. He stated,  "While we continue to make strong progress in fuel economy gains on our full-size trucks, we know that there is a group of customers who want the functionality of a truck but may not need full-size pickup. We believe that introducing a new, agile and efficient mid-size Canyon will meet the…

Tire Rotations - A Necessity?

People make it a point get their oil changed regularly and maintain proper fluid levels, but oddly enough one of the most used parts of the car is also the most neglected. Tires are one of the least thought about aspects of car maintenance. Rotating your tires every 5,000 miles should be an important part of everyone's maintenance scheduled. But why is it so important?

Tires are expensive! Make them last! This pictures show the difference between rear wheel and front wheel drive vehicles. It's important to rotate your tires from front to back and from side to side. You can also check your owner's manual or call the Arbogast Service Department for the best patter rotation for your specific vehicle. 

On front wheel drive vehicles the rear tires last much longer. The front tires are responsible for the steering, braking and carry the bulk of the car's weight. Because of this, they experience more wear and tear. Rotating the tires helps to evenly distribute the effects of driving on the tires. Failure to have the tires rotated causes the front tires to wear out quickly and means spending money on tires much sooner than necessary.

Front tires lean during a turn and the outside edges can feather or scallop. When the tire's treads begin to scallop the structure becomes compromised. A compromised tire structure can cause flat tires and other forms of tire failure. While there are other factors to consider when the tires begin to scallop, the majority of cases are the result of not rotating the tires...

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil - What's the Difference?

Go into any service center for an oil change and ask the attendant what the difference is between synthetic oil and conventional oil. Chances are he will tell you that synthetic oil is more expensive. While this is true, it is not the whole story. You had better think twice before basing your purchase decision solely on price. Here is some information to help you decide which type of oil is best for your car and the type of driving you do.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is the most common form of automotive oil you will find. It is a natural petroleum-based product that is made up carbon and hydrogen atoms arranged in both short and long chains. The extreme heat of a running engine can cause the short chain molecules to break down. When they do, the oil becomes much less efficient at lubrication than when it was new. Even when it is fresh, conventional oil has the tendency to become more viscous at cold temperature and less viscous at high temperature. The high viscosity of cold oil makes it flow much slower to critical engine parts that need lubrication. High-viscosity oil forces the engine to run without the lubrication it needs to reduce friction and wear until it warms enough to flow. Hot oil tends to have low viscosity. Because it is too thin, it has reduced friction fighting abilities and subjects engine parts to wear.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is a relatively new creation, but can be found in many automotive centers and stores. It is a laboratory creation that consists of a base stock call polyalphaolefin, a hydrocarbon compound that consists of a 30 molecule chain...

Buick and GMC To Unveil 9 New Models

Between 2012 and 2013, 70 percent of GM products will either be all-new or considerably updated. The Buick Enclave, a luxury crossover SUV, will be the first of nine new to considerably updated models that GMC and Buick will be rolling out to dealers over the next 12 months.

The GMC brand is one of the healthiest in the automotive industry today and has been manufacturing quality trucks since 1902. The brand has long had...

Buick Encore Goes on Sale Early Next Year

Buick's success in recent years with the large crossover, the Enclave, meant it was only a matter of time until a two row crossover would be introduced. The Buick Encore is a great choice for those who prefer the elegance and look of a Buick but don't need the capacity of an Enclave.

As is the case with current Buick models in general, even a 'base' Encore is loaded with features. GM's Intellilink system is standard, which includes both Bluetooth and iPod connectivity. The image produced by the rear view camera is displayed on a large 7 inch Color LCD screen.
Buick is continuing its commitment to safety with a total of ten airbags, forward collision alerts, land departure warnings and OnStar.

The 2013 Encore offers an extremely quiet ride. This is due in part to an innovation called  'active noise cancellation.' Noise patterns are countered through audio patterns broadcast through the Encore's speaker system. Sound deadening materials throughout the vehicle as well as the use of an acoustically absorbent headliner also enhance the quiet ride of the 2013 Encore...

GMC Overtakes Time Square?

GMC is betting big this season on the National Football League. In a PR scheme to attract attention to its American brand, GMC parked more than 30 GMC Sierra pick-up trucks in New York City's Times Square to bolster the company's sporting image. The effort drew a large crowd of sports photographers, writers, football players and fans to celebrate the opening of the NFL's 93rd season which started on September 5.

Buick's Use of Ambient Lighting in Luxury Vehicles

Today's luxury vehicles boast a host of features that didn't exist even a few years ago: adjustable petals, remote start, key-less entry, and air conditioned seats. Luxury car makers, including BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and Bentley, continue to include more advanced features on their vehicles each year. Ambient lighting is one of the newest features that has come to define vehicle luxury, and car enthusiasts can find this luxury element in a somewhat surprising place: Buick.

Buick is quickly making a comeback in the automobile industry and has turned into GM's luxury brand. Beginning in 2009, Buick produced a car that featured ambient lighting. Its LaCrosse had a strip of ambient lighting that circled the dashboard. Buick's foray into ambient lighting resulted from years of research into the use of lighting in interior design. In extravagant homes, special soft lighting was used to set the mood and offer subtle illumination.

Buick's designers and engineers applied the same concepts to the creation of their vehicles' interiors. The result was lighting that enhanced the driving experience by creating an inviting interior. The warmth of the ice blue ambient lighting complements the lights of the car's gauges. Blue hues have a lower color saturation and are easier on the eyes, which can create a serene mood...

Buick Brand Sees Sales Increase for August 2012

August 2012 was a great month for Buick in which sales reached an all time high since 2007.

Buick reported a 8 percent national sales jump compared to August 2011. However, city-by-city comparisons revealed higher sales increases over the same period last year. Dave Arbogast Buick experienced a 16 percent sales increase.

In addition to a jump in sales numbers, Buick also saw increases in customer lease contracts. Buick said that customer leasing jumped from 15 percent to 35 percent. Buick credits this jump to their "Experience Buick" leasing program, which was introduced March 2012.

The leasing program is a 24-month all inclusive lease that includes Sirius XM satellite radio, GM's OnStar system and oil changes...