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A Conversion Van Experience Like No Other

When you are ready for a conversion van experience like no other, step up to the refined luxury and unparalleled detail of the Elite Edition line of conversion vans from Southern Comfort.  These vans have it all, from the eye-catching exteriors to the plush and immaculate interiors.

From your first look at this van, you know that it is something special. Everyone will want a second (and third) look when you drive by in one of these beauties featuring an impressive mesh grill in the front, sleek painted bumpers, vented side fenders, and 20 inch rims surrounded by top of the line Nitto tires. No detail is overlooked - even the windshield wipers and door handles are painted and designed to accentuate the gleaming exterior. Customers desiring an even higher level of customization can even upgrade the already impeccable exterior paint with a stripe or fade effect.

The inside of a Southern Comfort Elite Edition conversion van cradles you in luxury and convenience with stand out features like beautiful polished beech wood accents, plush and durable Berber carpeting, exquisite dual tone leather captain's chairs, privacy enhancing window shades and a fully powered sofa seat that can fold down to make a super convenient bed. Another highlight of the luxury interior is the huge Visio 27 inch HD TV which features a LED screen and is accompanied by a high powered Kicker sound system. Your Southern Comfort van can also be upgraded to include additional features like satellite television and wireless headphones.

This past week, we received a great review from one of our customers. It caught the attention of so many of us here at Arbogast we thought we'd share it with you all.

"My daughter and I came out to Troy and the Dave Arbogast dealership on Tues. July 17, 2012 after she (Harley), found a car she was interested in online. 

When I first called about the car to see if it was...

GMC 101: What's in a Name?

It's time for a brief history lesson.

In 1912, three major truck builders, Randolph, Reliance and Rapid joined together to form GMC. Back then, the company's trucks were powered by gasoline and electricity, and all models were given numbers between one and 12, designating their carrying capacities in thousands of pounds.

But what's REALLY in a name? (At least when it comes to a GMC truck).

Modern truck labels continue to...

Artists Fuel Buick's Innovative Style


The simple, flowing elegance of the Buick line has long represented a successful marriage between artistry and engineering. Now, with the April introduction of the new 2013 Buick Enclave luxury crossover, there is a new dimension in the artistic contribution. Enjoy the beauty of the new Enclave, and you will be enjoying in part the contributions of three diverse photography enthusiasts.

Craig Zinser, John Puskar, and Alikhan Kuljanov were all on the design team. In...

Peyton Manning Calling Audibles For Buick?

Yep that's right.

Mr. Quarterback himself, Peyton Manning, recently took some time to lend his play-calling skills to Buick in the form of an all-new Buick Verano commercial which aired during Wednesday evening's ESPY awards. Check it out for yourself right here!

Have More Family Fun in the Sun with the 2012 GMC Terrain

With a host of standard safety and comfort features, the 2012 GMC Terrain is the gold standard of small SUVs. The Terrain offers all the advantages of a full-sized SUV in a smaller
fuel-efficient package for the family on the go during the busy summer season.

With seating for five, there's plenty of room to take the Terrain on the road for the family vacation. Its ample front and back seat head and leg...

Well, GMC is at it again.

We'd like to tell our customers about a current great offer being provided by Ally Insurance.

Up until July 9, Ally will be offering a 90 Payment Deferral on GMC Terrains and GMC Acadias on terms up to 60 months.

So what are the details of this great deferral program and how can you take advantage of it you ask?

Buick's New Commitment to Safety

This year's Buick Enclave luxury crossover SUV, arriving in the fall, is the first of many indications to Buick's new commitment to safety. The two most recent models, the Buick Verano Turbo luxury sedan and the Encore luxury crossover represent the pinnacle of modern automobile safety systems. 

Standard passive safety features include body structures with more than 60 percent high-strength steel as well as 10 air bags situated around the body of each vehicle. While these are typical safety features designed to protect passengers, Buick is going further in developing safety systems that prevent crashes altogether, called active safety features.

The Verano Turbo luxury sedan will be updated later this summer with these active safety features which include technology that uses audio and visual warnings as well as automatic actions that dramatically increase the safety rating of your vehicle.

The first of these features is the Rear Vision Camera, allowing you to eliminate blind spots in the rear of your vehicle when backing up. The second and third features that come in an optional safety package also focus on improving drivers' situational awareness. Both the Side Blind Zone Alert and the Rear Cross Traffic Alert share radar sensors in the rear bumper that give visual and audible cues to the driver if needed when backing up or changing lanes...

My Ride is Dirtier than Dave's - Part Two

Alright everyone!  Welcome to the official contest entry page for this year's My Ride Is Dirtier Than Dave's Contest - Part Two.

We're pulling out all the stops this year so you stay tuned for more details, movies and postings about this year's contest.

In the meantime, here are all the juicy details you're going to need to help your ride be deemed the dirtiest.

Who - Sponsored by Dave Arbogast Buick?

Detail Your Car Like the Pros

You can detail your car like the pros with these ten tips:

Tip #1: When Not To Do It Yourself
If your car's paint has a scratch that goes down to bare metal, let a pro handle it. Fixing a deep scratch requires an experienced hand.

Tip #2: Compressed Air to Clean Carpets
Use an air compressor to blow debris from the edges of your carpets and seats into the center, where you can easily vacuum it up.

Tip #3: Clean Air Ducts
Aim the nozzle from your air compressor at the walls of your car's air ducts. This will blast accumulated dirt and dust out, improving your car's smell. Replace or clean the cabin air filter as well.

Tip #4: Clean Your Tires With a Gentle Cleaner...