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Yukon Ranks Highest in Segment

Although GMC has been manufacturing trucks since 1902, they show no signs of slowing down the delivery of exceptional vehicles that are thoroughly enjoyed by their owners. The
2014 GMC Yukon continues to win awards based on the quality of its design. Most recently, in July 2014, the Yukon ranked the highest in its segment in the J.D. Power and Associates Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study.

2014 GMC Majestic SSX AWD Hi-Top Conversion Van Overview

The 2014 GMC Majestic SSX AWD Hi-Top Conversion Van is one of the most exciting vans on the market. Equipped with a capable all-wheel drive system, this luxurious van is able to conquer a variety of different road conditions. While most onlookers will be impressed by the exterior?s custom appearance, the interior is even more awe-inspiring. Here is an overview of the 2014 GMC Majestic SSX AWD Hi-Top Conversion Van.

Hisroric Record of 1918 Cadillac Added to Library of Congress

It was once in the midst of battle during the Second Battle of the Marne in World War I. Today, it holds an honored place in the Library of Congress Archive. On July 23, 2014, a 1918 Cadillac Type 57 became the fourth vehicle to earn a place in the new National Historic Vehicle Register and U.S. Department of the Interior Historic American Engineering Record.

The Cadillac seven-passenger touring car was purchased from a?

BuyPower Card from Capital One Debuts New Ad Campaign

General Motors (GM) has launched a new promotional campaign for the BuyPower Card, a credit card that lets consumers earn points for the purchase of a new vehicle. The card is issued through Capital One and lets card members earn five percent cash back for up to $5,000 in purchases. Beyond the limit, two percent can be earned on an unlimited amount of purchases as well. In some cases, this card can help consumers...

Buick Continues Sales Momentum in July

Buick sales have really gathered a head of steam and seem destined to maintain the momentum. In all, sales have been up by four percent compared to this time last year.  

July figures continue that with record-breaking figures. What does that mean for consumers? Apparently, it means that these less expensive luxury automobiles are offering all the 'bells and whistles' at a more affordable price. The evidence? Some 42 percent of buyers were new to...

The 2014 GMC Yukon ranked the highest out of all new vehicles in J.D. Power's power quality study of Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study (the acronym is APEAL). The top ranking cements this year's GMC Yukon's position as the luxury sport utility vehicle to beat.

What The APEAL Ranking Really Means

J.D. Power's APEAL rankings are based off of comprehensive feedback from over 83,000 new vehicle owners?

New GMC Trucks & SUVs to Offer 8-Speed Transmission

There are going to be eight speed automatic transmissions incorporated into the 2015 SUVs and pickup trucks by General Motors. This is upgrade is very important for their vehicles this  year.

The 6.2 liter, eight cylinder engines will be paired with these eight speed transmissions. As a result of this, there is a divergent strategy being taken by Ford. The 6.2 liter V8 will be discontinued for 2015 Ford-F150. They are offering a...

Buick and MapMyFitness Team Up for Challenge

Buick and MapMyFitness, and Under Armour company, have partnered together to bring runners the "Runs Worth the Drive Challenge." Not only will runners be rewarded for rising to the challenge, but they will also have the opportunity to exchange information on their favorite running routes to discover new favorites and new challenges.

All of this, they can do while learning how their active lifestyle dovetails with vehicles like the Buick Verano.

Buick, OnStar Ushering in New Era of Road Trips


Not too long ago, road trips required maps, planning ahead and sometimes pulling over to figure out where you were. The worst thing would be realizing you missed a turn or exit, ending up in a strange place and having to figure out how to get back on track. This meant wasting a lot of valuable time. In this modern age of technology, however, people hardly ever use maps anymore. All you need on a...

Magnetic Ride Control Enhances Attraction of Sierra Denali

The 2015 Sierra Denali from GMC is already one of the most attractive trucks available because it is so technologically advanced. The truck is compatible with eyes-free systems on mobile  devices and includes a built-in wireless Internet hotspot. The advanced technology extends under the hood as well. The suspension on the Denali uses a magnetic ride control system that is the culmination of over a decade of research by GM. Drivers will want to understand...