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Buick, OnStar Ushering in New Era of Road Trips


Not too long ago, road trips required maps, planning ahead and sometimes pulling over to figure out where you were. The worst thing would be realizing you missed a turn or exit, ending up in a strange place and having to figure out how to get back on track. This meant wasting a lot of valuable time. In this modern age of technology, however, people hardly ever use maps anymore. All you need on a...

Magnetic Ride Control Enhances Attraction of Sierra Denali

The 2015 Sierra Denali from GMC is already one of the most attractive trucks available because it is so technologically advanced. The truck is compatible with eyes-free systems on mobile  devices and includes a built-in wireless Internet hotspot. The advanced technology extends under the hood as well. The suspension on the Denali uses a magnetic ride control system that is the culmination of over a decade of research by GM. Drivers will want to understand...

GMC Introduces 2015 Sierra All-Terrain HD


GMC has unveiled the new 2015 Sierra All Terrain HD. The new GMC model promises a big, powerful, comfortable, and stylish vehicle perfect for accomplishing the toughest of jobs. With the 2015 Sierra All Terrain HD, GMC hopes to combine blue-collar function and durability with white-collar luxury and class. The 2015 All Terrain, available in double cab and crew cab, will come to market market in the fall. 

True to its name, the 2015 Sierra?

GMC Has Best May Since 2007

General Motors is posting its best April sales numbers in 17 years thanks to strong sales for the Sierra HD, a heavy duty pick-up truck, the Yukon/Denali, a full-sized SUV and the Terrain, a compact SUV.

It's estimated that the increase in raw sales was up nine percent from 2012 and retail sales were up 12 percent.

If you're a fan of Camaros then today's video walkthrough is for you. It features one of the premier vehicles sitting on our pre-owned lot at the moment - the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

For those looking for a "sportier" car, the ZL1 is the perfect choice.

GM Earns Spot as Top Innovator

Two leading studies have recently identified General Motors (GM) as one of the top innovators in the automotive field, with special achievements in the field of clean energy technologies. The  studies were based on information gathered by the Patent Board and Clean Energy Patent Growth Index. Both these indicators demonstrated that GM has the largest number of filings for patents in the automotive field, with many of them related to creating better clean energy technology...

New Buick LaCrosse Driving Fashion Forward

While most drivers believe that a car's performance is it's most important characteristic, a close second is a car's physical appearance. This is especially true when it comes to a car's interior, which is why the internationally recognized luxury car brand Buick is making major innovations in upgrading the interior design of their already award winning LaCrosse models.

Through a global network of designers, Buick has created new sculpted designs that...

All-New GMC Canyon Brings Safety Firsts to Midsize Truck

If you're a parent who needs a midsize truck for work or play, you'll be excited to learn that with the new 2015 GMC Canyon, the manufacturer will debut brand-new safety features that have never before been utilized in trucks in this class--including a patent pending feature to keep children in car seats safer in the event of a collision.

In most extended cab trucks, it's nearly impossible...

Some big news recently was release by Buick and we couldn't be more excited.

In fact, we think many of you will be as equally as excited!

We're all aware of the fact Buick customers place a high priority on safety and the latest technology. Because of this, it's prompted the US automaker to make rearview cameras come standard on every model in 2015. These cameras offer a wider and more accurate view...

GMC Receives Three Key Awards

GMC had its brand and product makeover validated once again when it received three important awards at the recent New York Auto Show. While the customer ultimately votes with his pocketbook, independent awards can serve as a progress report of sorts. In terms of the former, the division's sales are on pace to exceed those of a year ago. In terms of the latter, the brand came up big in New York.