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GMC Continues To Build Momentum

DETROIT - According to a recent press release, GMC delivered its 22nd consecutive month of retail sales gains in July, with sales to individual customers up 17 percent and total sales up 36 percent year over year, with significant gains in Phoenix, New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

The release from the company adds
July also was GMC's best month of the year so far, with retail sales up 23 percent and total...

Review of the Week: "I will be back..."

I just purchased a truck at Dave Arbogast and wanted to provide my feedback. It should be known that I used to write this dealer off because I felt that they would not deal on vehicles and that their prices were abnormally high...a poor combination! Well, I am happy to report that this has changed. I found DA vehicles to be fairly priced and the service/attitude of my salesman (Matt Jennings) to be...

The one, the only; Dave Arbogast Used Vehicles.

"I was in a terrible accident which left me without a car. I wanted to be able to shop online, find the vehicle I wanted, go to the dealership, and purchase it with no hassle. At Dave Arbogast, that is exactly what happened."

This is just one example of the many positive reviews you'll find online about our used car department here at Dave Arbogast Buick GMC Vans RVs.

We'd like to remind…

Today, the winner of our "My Ride Is Dirtier Than Dave's!" Facebook Fan contest stopped by to claim her prize.

Allison Fullenkamp will now receive a free, full detail from Details in Troy. The photo she submitted was of her husband's very dirty ride.

We'd like to thank Allison for participating in the contest.  And of course, we hope the full detail will be enough to get her husband's truck looking?

Buick Regal Sporty and Fuel Efficient.

The Buick Regal combines fuel efficiency with a sporty feel while maintaining a classy look. All of this makes a great car that has what many different kinds of people want in a vehicle. The design of this car is certainly going to play a significant part in the future of luxury vehicles.

The Regal presents a new and interesting exterior look. Many car developers these days are following a fuel efficient craze since it seems like everyone wants to "go green". Buick followed suit with the Regal, and did it very well. The flowing lines and sculpted body significantly…

Buick and GMC Utilizing Social Media More Than Ever...

DETROIT - According to a recent press release, Buick and GMC are making their online vehicle-shopping experiences more socially engaging by letting site visitors build, save and share their configured vehicles with their Facebook friends who can post comments or "like" their customized selections.

Buick and GMC are among the first automotive brands to leverage their customers' social connections to deepen and personalize the shopping experience assuming the shoppers grant permission to access their page.


My Ride is Dirtier Than Dave's Photo Contest!!!

So, how dirty is your ride?

Does the inside of it remind you of an episode of "Hoarders." Maybe it's filled with a sea of fast food crumbs courtesy of your lunch break? Or, maybe a bird flew overhead when the  sunroof was open and left you a pleasant surprise. 

If your ride is dirty we want to see it and we want proof. And, if we happen to deem your ride is the...

We've Lost Big Dave!!!

We've got a serious problem here folks!

We've lost the main man himself - Big Dave. We've been looking everywhere but just can't seem to find him. To make matters worse, we've lost him just days before Dave Arbogast RV Depot's 10th Anniversary!


So here's the deal.  Dave is a huge fan of hanging around our four main websites:,

To commemorate 10 years since first opening their doors, the team at Dave Arbogast RV Depot, located in Troy, Oh, has organized a huge open house and RV sale.

The sale will kick off on June 24 (Friday), and continue through June 26 (Sunday).

During the sale, customers who purchase any new RV will receive a chance to spin the infamous Arbogast prize wheel and win some great prizes.  Also, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day during the sale, customers will be able to enjoy free BBQ and refreshments...

Who ever thought having perfect attendance could pay off so well? Just ask Troy High School student Ivy Smith.

Thanks to not missing a single day of school this year, Ivy was rewarded with a free 2000 Buick Regal courtesy of Dave Arbogast Buick GMC RVs.

Each year, Troy High School enters all the names of students with perfect attendance and draws a name. The lucky winner then receives the keys to a free car. In addition to winning the car, Ivy now also gets free carwashes for life.

Ecommerce Director Blake Arbogast said the team at Arbogast always appreciates an opportunity to give back to the community. "This is my third year being involved with the perfect attendance drawing and it's always a blast," Arbogast said.

After winning her new Buick Regal, Ivy called her mother who at first, didn't think her daughter had really won.  Coincidentally, Smith won't be able to jump in her new car right away. "I don't get my license until later this summer," she said.