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2011 Ride for Life Winner Announced.

A man from Piketon was more than happy to find out his charitable nature led to him winning a 2007 Harley Davidson motorcycle during the 2011 Miami County Relay for Life.

The annual event sponsored by the American Cancer Society (ACS) has participants walk 24 hours straight in an effort to help raise funds and awareness for cancer research. Those who participate in the annual event include both cancer survivors and supporters alike.

This year, Troy, Ohio-based businesses Dave Arbogast Buick GMC Van RV, The Caroline Restaurant and the Troy Fish and Game teamed up for a "Ride for Life Harley Raffle" for this year's Relay. Raffle tickets for the drawing were $20 each with all proceeds donated to the ACS.

In total, the three businesses behind the raffle were able to raise about $6,000 through ticket sales.

The raffle ticket belonging to Piketon resident John Mossbarger ended up being pulled. Mossbarger is now the proud owner of a 2007 Harley Davidson XL883L Sportster Motorcycle.

Those behind the Harley raffle added they always look forward to helping out when they can.

"This (Ride for Life) was just another opportunity for the local community to come out and help raise money for a great cause," said Dave Arbogast Buick GMC Van RV Internet Manager Blake Arbogast.

Buick to Get New Model in US

Last month Europe got its first look at the 2012 Opel Astra GTC. Why do we care here in the United States? Well, General Motors has announced that it will be coming over the ocean to us in the form of a new model Buick!

The Astra is not new in the states, it was here originally as the Saturn Astra. Opel took the vehicle, redesigned and drastically improved it and released it as the Astra GTC.

The car will be offered with hatchback and convertible models, as well as four and six cylinder models. The Astra would have probably come into the Pontiac line up if it were still around, but it will now help to continue with the reshaping of the Buick image.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding this exciting new addition to the Buick line up! Check our website out periodically at for updates. As a Buick dealer we will be proud to help get you behind the wheel of your very own as soon as we get them in!

Watch Out, Buick's Coming!

Watch out, automakers, there is a new sheriff in town.  One of GM's brands is becoming the hottest name in the American car market today.  Buick is quickly winning over customer support with their brand overhaul and marketing strategies.

Take note, Ford, Dodge, Honda, and Toyota, because Buick has been taking over 40% of its sales from consumers who used to be part of other manufacturers' customer bases, and there is a good chance that they have taken customers right out from under your nose.

After the days of the legendary Skylark and Grand National, Buick went on the back-burner as its more publicized big brother Chevrolet and competitors Chrysler and Ford jockeyed for position of highest selling brand in America.  Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Toyota's arrivals in the states from the Land of the Rising Sun only served to cause Buick to become even more neglected by the American consumer.

IntelliLink to be Introduced in 2012 Models

 Gone are the days when a cell phone was chosen purely by its ability to place and receive calls.  With the advent of the smartphone, having apps that combine practicality with functionality are swiftly becoming the norm.  Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android allow us to read the newspaper, watch YouTube videos, and get directions all with the touch of a button.

GM is looking to cash in on the smartphone craze, and directly compete with the Ford SYNC, with its MyLink system that is scheduled to come out later this year on Chevrolet models, and will soon be expanding it into the Buick and GMC brands.  It is being changed to IntelliLink for  new Buick and GMC models, but will be virtually identical to MyLink.  The newest models to feature this top of the li ne technology are the 2012 Buick Regal, LaCrosse, and Verano, and the 2012 GMC Terrain.

I was in a terrible accident that left me without a car. I wanted to be able to shop online find the vehicle I wanted, go to the dealership, purchase it with no hassle. At Dave Arbogast that is exactly what happen. I had contacted other dealerships from seeing them on the internet and the sales person either didn't get back to me or they did not take me seriously. I called Dave Arbogast about a 2008 Saturn Outlook, there website was easy to follow and useful.

When I called I spoke with a Joe Bauman who immediately went into action. He took all of my information and within an hour he told me I was approved and that I could come get my vehicle. I was excited to say the least. On the day I went to pick up my vehicle, it was sitting waiting for me, freshly washed!!! It took no longer than an hour to sign paperwork and for me to be back on the road. Dave Arbogast and Joe Bauman made me whole again. I have found where I will be purchasing my vehicles from now on, The Dave Arbogast Family. They are now officially part of my extended family. Thank you


Aleisha A Walden

GMC Acadia Denali Sales on the Rise

Get ready to be happy; the GMC Acadia Denali is here. Yes, you should go back and read that first sentence again to let it sink in. GMC has combined their newest super star with a name synonymous with quality. The highly anticipated new addition to the Denali line is here at Dave Arbogast Buick-GMC and there selling like hot cakes! 

It brings with it all the incredible Denali characteristics you have come to love in the passed 12 years. For those of you who wonder what these characteristics are I'll give you a hint; chrome, lots of stylish chrome, and so much more.  In fact, the Yukon Denali and its stylish additions were so popular they gave birth to the beloved Cadillac Escalade. The addition of the Acadia Denali is a breath of fresh air to the Denali name.

The Acadia is the second most successful member of the GMC line. So, this upscale crossover was an obvious choice to trick out in Denali fashion. The Acadia Denali comes with many standard features, such as a heads up display (which makes you feel like your flying the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars), bi-xenon headlamps, moon roof, and leather wrapped, wood grain steering wheel...

Buick's Beating Up on Lexus

Throughout history there have often been things that seem like they will never happen. Man will never land on the moon, the Red Soxs will never win the World Series, and Buick will never sell more cars in the U.S. than it's luxury competition. Well spoiler alert, man did land on the moon, the Red Soxs eventually did win a World Series, and believe it or not Buick is outselling much of it's competition. Yes, Buick has even outsold Lexus in the U.S. for two months. In fact, according to research done by Kicking Tires, the only luxury brand to outsell Buick in February was BMW and only by approximately 800 units. This means Buick didn't just outsell Lexus, but Audi, Acura, and Mercedes-Benz as well.

The beauty of Buick's rise in popularity is in the line's simplicity. Buick is boasting only four vehicles in its 2011 line-up: the Enclave, Lacrosse, Lucerne, and Regal. The line may be relatively small but it is incredible mighty. Considering that the Lexus line consists of nine vehicles, the sales figured speak for themselves. The Buick line is a star-studded cast of excellence and quality. Each member of Buick's line has been expertly designed to be the fusion of style and luxury. Buick is redefining the luxury car world and asking you to come along for the ride...

New Buick Brand Ad Campaign

During the NCAA Final Four Buick started a new add campaign featuring the new slogan, "You kind of Luxury". Buick says this is not going to be a permanent slogan, but they are dropping last year's slogan, "The New Class of First Class". The brand will go without a permanent slogan for the future, but will continue to shift the perception of the once stuffy Buick brand.

The new 60-second ad does more than throw a new slogan into the mix, but it is Buick's new brand anthem.. Buick sees the market shifting to a new form of luxury car. The luxury car of today does not need to be glittery, to be lavish. The new line of Buick's do not flaunt their status as luxury cars, yet are more luxurious than the line has ever been. Buick is aiming to create a "Quiet" brand of luxury...

Buick Leading the Way in Safety

Car wrecks are traumatizing and terrifying events. They sometimes happen when you least expect it and can be devastating. Rollover collisions are some of the most dangerous crashes that happen; however, only 2.2 percent of accidents are rollovers. That may sound like a small percentage, but rollovers cause 35.4 percent of traffic deaths.

This is one of the reasons Buick is leading the way in vehicle safety, with the development of StabiliTrak electronic stability control. The expert at Buick's wanted to minimize the harmful effects of accidents and try to prevent them all together. The Buick Enclave (and the rest of the Buick line) has StabiliTrak features such as anit-lock breaks, panic brake assist, and traction control. The feature that sets Stabilitrak apart from other safety packages is "rollover mitigation." This technology allows the Enclave to sense when the car is about to roll...

The 2011 Arbogast Total Sale!

It's that time of year again at Dave Arbogast Buick, GMC Truck, Vans and RVs in Troy, Ohio! It's Total Sale time! Arbogast prides itself as a dealership on offering the lowest prices in the area year round with their Market Value Pricing, this is why they have only one sale each year, and pull out all of the stops on marking down prices on every vehicle in stock!

Find the most incredible deals of 2011 this April 14th through the 18th. The dealership will be open extended hours every night! And with guaranteed financing, no one will be turned away. There is no better time to purchase your next new or used car, truck, SUV, van, conversion van, RV, or watercraft!

THU: 12:00 - 8:00
FRI: 9:00 - 8:00
SAT: 9:00 - 8:00
SUN: 12:00 - 5:00

Additionally this year Arbogast is making the deals even sweeter with the "Spin to Win Wheel"! Any customer purchasing a vehicle gets one spin on the wheel for a prize, and everyone wins! Prizes on the wheel include 50" LED TVS, Apple iPads, cash prizes up to $400, just to name a few!

Be sure to mark you calendar and get to Dave Arbogast for the Annual Total Sale, this is one event you can't afford to miss! Check out their website early at to get ahead of the game and view their current inventory! If you have any questions or would like any additional information give them a call at (866) 975-3287.