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GMC Acadia Wins Customer Satisfaction Award

GMC Owners will be happy to know the GMC Acadia has again been recognized for quality and driver satisfaction. 
Dave Arbogast GMC has seen a large rise in Acadia sales in the last year. 

The GMC Acadia satisfies more customers than any large crossover SUV, according to Vehicle Satisfaction Award surveys counted by Southern California-based market research firm AutoPacific.

The brand, category and product winners were announced Thursday.

"The AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Award is an honor to receive and we are thrilled that the Acadia was named top large crossover SUV by our owners," said Lisa Hutchinson, director of marketing for GMC. "It is a special honor when our GMC owners recognize our vehicles, and we are proud that six of our vehicles rank in the top ten within their segment."

Other GMC receiving a top 10 ranking within their segment include:

* GMC Terrain - Premium Mid-Size Crossover SUV
* GMC Sierra HD - Heavy Duty Pickup
* GMC Sierra 1500 - Large Light Duty Pickup
* GMC Yukon and Yukon XL - Large Sport Utility
* GMC Canyon - Compact Pickup

The 14th annual AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfactions Awards are determined by more than 42,000 surveys that are completed by owners of new cars and light trucks in the United States in the first quarter of 2010.  As an industry benchmark, the study measures overall satisfaction an owner has with their vehicle.

Conversion Van Buy Back Event!

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In the past week, the first shipments of all new 2010 Buick Regal have been coming into New Jersey from Germany. And we're pleased to hear that starting this fall, the Regal will be available with flex-fuel compatibility. Although the first several months of Regal production will all be powered by a gasoline-only version of General Motors' normally aspirated 2.4-liter inline four.

Once the 2.0-liter direct injected turbo four cylinder starts arriving in late August, both engines will be able to run on either gasoline or E85 ethanol. The turbocharged variant will be GM's first production E85-capable turbocharged and direct injected engine. The engine was originally developed for the new Saab 9-5, which uses the same Epsilon II platform as the Regal, and GM decided to install it in the U.S.-spec Buick as well.

According Jim Federico, vehicle line executive for the global mid size platform, combining direct injection and turbo charging will allow the new engine to get much closer to the volumetric fuel efficiency of gasoline while running on ethanol. Until now, normally aspirated flex-fuel engines typically have gotten about 15 percent worse fuel efficiency while on ethanol. The Regal engine should cut that deficit to the mid-single digits and future versions should be just about even.

90% of Buicks in China Are Bought for Cash

Here in the United States, the majority of new car sales are financed, and very few people will buy a car with cash. The exact opposite is true in China.  Over 90% of new car sales are conducted for cash and that's quite a lot considering that Buick dealers in Beijing, Shanghai, and other large cities, typically sell over 2,000 cars a year. Another factor that's different in China is the rate in which Buicks are sold. A Buick, on average, will spend less than 20 days on a lot. An exception to that is the Enclave. Because they're imported from the U.S., the Buick Enclave is priced higher and it is only available by special order.

2011 Buick Regal Chinese Commerical

While I was browsing YouTube earlier this morning, I came across a Chinese advertisement for the 2011 Buick Regal. It's definitely a cool commercial and it shows off the Regal from multiple angles along with a clip of the Regal peeling out at a stop light. How cool is that?

When I first watched this clip, I noticed the badge on the front fender with the letter "T" in it. As a car guy?

Coming Soon: Buick Excelle Compact Sedan

The next step in Buick's plan for world domination is a new small sedan based on the Opel Astra called the Buick Excelle. Following what's likely to be its debut for the Chinese market later this month at the Beijing Motor Show, Buick plans to bring the compact sedan to the United States in 2011.

Slotting beneath the Regal in Buick's lineup, the new compact sedan will be based on General Motor's Delta II architecture, the very same that will underpin the Chevrolet Cruze and Volt. From the spy photos we can clearly see the new model will sport the signature Buick waterfall grille, expressive headlights inspired by the Regal and hood-mounted portholes.

Look for the new Buick model to be produced at GM's Lordstown, Ohio facility. GM's Lordstown plant will begin production of the Cruze in June 2010, with the Buick sedan likely to follow about 12 to 18 months later. The compact Buick sedan should hit dealers by early 2012 with a price tag at or below the $20,000 mark.

New GM Commercial with Ed Whitacre

I was sitting with my wife last night when this commercial came on featuring Ed Whitacre CEO of GM.  My first thought was finally Ed's showing so fire!  I really think this a great commercial, I mean come on GM paid off the loans five years early.  Check out the Video...

This morning, General Motors Chairman and CEO Ed Whitacre confirmed that the company has paid back a total of $5.8 billion in federal loans a full five years ahead of schedule. Whitacre attributed the company's ability to make the payment, with interest, to its new strategy and the success of new models like the Buick Lacrosse.

GM received some $50 billion in loans from both the U.S. and Canadian governments, with the majority of those funds converted into company stock. The remainder totaled over $8 billion owed to the U.S. and Canadian governments, all of which has now been paid back less than a year after GM emerged from bankruptcy. The news was announced at a press conference at the company's Fairfax, Kansas manufacturing facility, which will soon add production of the hot-selling Chevrolet Malibu, and was attended by Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson and other members of government.

As it is, the federal government still owns 60.8 percent of GM, which means that whenever the company issues its IPO, the tax payers could easily get all of their money back.


8th Annual Total Sale this Weekend!

Dave Arbogast Buick GMC Suzuki is proud to announce the 8th Annual Total Sale! All cars, vans, trucks SUVs and motor-homes will be drastically reduced! There will be no negotiations necessary, and no models held back.  This weekend Arbogast will be open extended hours:

Friday:  9:00am - 9:00pm

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Sunday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

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Arbogast would like to Welcome Doc Morgan!

Dave Arbogast would like to welcome Doc Morgan to our dealership family!  Before joining Arbogast, Doc was the general manager of Moorman Pontiac Buick GMC and has been in the automotive business for more than 33 years. Doc would like to welcome all his former customers to call him at 937-335-0068 EXT 260.