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Dave Arbogast Charity Drive

Dave Arbogast Buick GMC in Troy, Ohio is starting a Charity Drive but we need your help!  We are taking votes on our Facebook page for your favorite charity, the charity with the most votes wins.  It's simple go to the Dave Arbogast Facebook page, write on our wall and cast your vote. 

On March 19, 2010 we will tally the votes, and start the charity drive.  Arbogast believes this be a fun way to help our community and get everyone involved. Hurry to our Facebook and make sure your voice gets heard!

For more information or to speak with our Charity Director, Blake Arbogast call 1-866-975-3287 or visit  We look forward to the impact this charity drive will have on local community and the individuals involved.  

"Buick is Back!" - MotorTrend

For the first time in 28 years, Buick is all over the front page of Motor Trend magazine. The headline declares "Buick is Back!" The April issue features photos of the new Lacrosse, Regal Turbo, and the Regal GS Concept car.

The April issue of Motor Trend magazine includes two Buick features. The first being a drive review of the new 2011 Regal and the other being a comparison of the 2010 Buick LaCrosse and the 2010 Lexus ES350, where the LaCrosse emerges the winner. Buick is really starting to prove that it is a modern, premium brand is characterized by sculpted designs, personal technologies, luxurious interiors, and responsive performance.

The Regal will be available in Buick dealerships this spring. It features a dynamic driving experience with a standard 2.4L Ecotec direct injection engine that is rated at an estimated 182 horsepower. Later this year, a 2.0L turbocharger Ecotec engine will be available with an estimated 220 horsepower. Customers will experience a number of advanced personal technologies, making it a premium sport sedan without the premium price. The pricing for the 2011 Buick Regal starts at $26,995.

The new for 2010 Lacrosse, is a luxury midsize sedan that has continued to attract buyers to Buick and the 2010 model is selling three times faster than the last generation of the LaCrosse. The car has received praise for its exterior styling and luxurious interior and features a collection of advanced person technologies; safety features that rate among the best in the industry.

In Angus Mackenzie's review of the 2011 Buick Regal, he says "the Regal is the first Buick in history with internationally chic sheet metal and sophisticated road manners to match," and that it "is truly likely to appeal to young, affluent, trend-setting import buyers."

The U.S. marketing vice president for Buick GMC said, "We are thrilled to be honored with placement of Buick models on the cover of Motor Trend." "The declaration that 'Buick is Back' attests the transformation of the Buick brand and the buzz building for the LaCrosse and Regal. It shows that we are introducing car the merit the attention of auto enthusiasts, including the editors of Motor Trend."

Visit Arbogast your Dayton Buick Dealer to receive a free copy of the new Motor Trend issue!  

Just Announced: 2011 GMC Sierra Denali HD

Dave Arbogast GMC is proud to announce GM has release plans for a 2011 GMC Sierra Denali HD truck.  This is a package for people who work hard but like to do it in style, too.  This press release was issued by general motors' this morning.

GMC today announces the new 2011 Sierra Denali HD, the first offering of the exclusive Denali line on a heavy-duty GMC pickup. The Sierra Denali HD leads a comprehensively redesigned lineup of 2011 Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD trucks that go on sale in early summer - including the most powerful diesel engine in the segment.
Sierra HD's new 6.6L Duramax turbo diesel delivers 397 horsepower (296 kW) at 3,000 rpm and 765 lb.-ft. of torque (1,037 Nm) at 1,600 rpm.

"The new Sierra Denali HD is the latest expression of GMC's Denali philosophy of blending capability with premium features and styling," said Lisa Hutchinson, GMC product marketing director. "It is a premium tool that offers many comfort and infotainment features, along with a maximum towing capacity of 15,600 pounds with the segment's most powerful diesel - that's enough to tow a 34-foot-long, three-axle travel trailer."

The Sierra Denali HD comes exclusively on the 2500HD chassis, in a 4WD crew cab standard box configuration. A Vortec 6.0L gas V-8/six-speed automatic powertrain is standard and the new Duramax 6.6L turbo diesel/Allison 1000 six-speed transmission powertrain is available...

Car Buying Tips from Dave Arbogast

Buying a new or used car in Dayton can be overwhelming.  To reduce the stress, Dave Arbogast has put together some buying tips for our Ohio customers.

Research: Use the Dave Arbogast website to find out as much information on the new or used vehicles you have an interest in.  Being an educated car buyer is a very important part of the new and used car buying process, and it starts at the Arbogast website.

Ask Questions: The Dave Arbogast sales team are here to answer any questions our Dayton customers may have.  Our sales staff takes pride in being experts, and are here to help you determine which new or used vehicle works best for you and your family.

Focus on Value: Since the price of your new or used car is a major consideration for most of our Dayton customers, it is also a major consideration at Arbogast.  We make sure to keep our car and truck prices low, and add additional value through our service and parts department.  You should weigh leasing vs. buying and new vs. pre-owned to figure out what is the best scenario for your particular circumstances.

Looking for a Cheap Used Car in Dayton?

On we are constantly working to make your research process easier, and quicker.  We realize that people search for the vehicle they wish to purchase is several different ways.  Some know the make, model, mileage, color, trim level.. etc.. everything about the car they're searching for, while others are a little more open. 

After doing this for so many years, it has become clear that for most of us, price is a major factor in what we're seeking.  Some dealers just don't get it but Arbogast does!

We get it, and we have designed our site to give you every option we can think of to get you to the right vehicle.  That means in addition to search criteria like "Make", "Model", "Year", "Mileage", and "Bodystyle", we have added the "Price" category. 

So, if you are sort of open about your next vehicle, but not open at all about your budget, you can see each and every model available in your price range.  We even created a completely separate page displaying all of our vehicles for sale under $12,000.  On the Dave Arbogast homepage, just click the "$12,000 and Under" button, and you are in!
 Dave Arbogast Buick GMC was recently named January's top Ohio Buick GMC dealer and was ranked 65th overall in the country.  Arbogast has been one of GM's top volume dealers for the past 15 years. 

"Achieving a Top 100 ranking in new Buick GMC sales is the result of hard work and a focus on providing an exceptional sales, service, and ownership experience for our customers," comments Dave Arbogast, Owner. 

While the dealership enjoys the impressive sales performance achievements, Dave Arbogast and its employees pride themselves most on the recognition they have earned in customer satisfaction ratings tallied by General Motors.  Proving that high volume sales do not have to come at the expense of a quality sales and ownership experience. The Dayton Buick GMC dealer achieved one of the highest "Would Recommend" ratings in the United States represented in latest Sales Satisfaction Index published by GM.  This rating is based on actual customer surveys conducted by GM during calendar year 2009.

"We have been very fortunate to have the large majority of our business come by way of referrals and repeat customers," notes Dave Arbogast, Owner of Arbogast Buick.  Arbogast adds, "We understand and appreciate that in order for this to continue, we must ensure complete customer satisfaction is always our number one priority.  While we are thoroughly pleased with the sales performance accomplishments, our top goal each and every year is customer satisfaction." 

Dave Arbogast of Dayton looks forward to 2010 with hopes of even greater sales performance numbers and records. 

Going on a test drive when you're buying a new or used car is one of the most important steps in the buying process.  It helps you to determine whether or not the vehicle that you are interested is an appropriate fit for your driving style and needs. 

You'll be better to determine which car or truck is right for you when you know what you need before you even set foot on any Dayton Car Dealers lot.  For example, if have a long commute, good gas mileage is probably something you're looking for.  If you have kids, a backseat big enough for child seats may be important.

Make sure you are comfortable in the vehicle.  You should be able to get in and out of the vehicle easily, the seat belt should fit well, you need to have plenty of leg and head room, and it's important that you can reach the controls easily.

While on your test drive, drive the vehicle just like you would if you owned it.  If you drive on the highway a lot, ask if you can drive it somewhere at highway speeds.  If you live somewhere with a lot of hills or curvy roads, make sure it handles well on similar roads.

Our Dayton Buick GMC Suzuki staff goes on test drives to help our customers make sure they find the right vehicle for you and your family.  Contact our sales staff at 866-975-3287 or on the Arbogast Buick GMC Suzuki website.

Why Buick is the Brand to Watch

Two years ago you could have told me that Buick would be one of the star brands of General Motors and I would have laughed hysterically. Despite my status as an industry and GM follower, Buick has always been the GM brand that I looked at and said, "Oh, they still sell those?" My how things can change. Today it is becoming clearer every day that Buick is the brand to be watching at New GM.

I think a lot of people took notice of Buick back when the Enclave launched, but many people (myself included), assumed that it was going to be a one-hit wonder for the brand. After all, GM's previous brand "renaissance" consisted of a one hit wonder as well: the Cadillac CTS. Needless to say, it was easy to make the assumption that Buick's renaissance was not going to be anything worth writing home about, despite GM management clamoring over the brand's bright future.

Then late 2008 rolls around and the Buick Enclave is announced by JD Power as the fastest selling product in the United States, staying on dealership lots an average of six days or less. Most of the mainstream press failed to report that fact and rightfully so considering how long Buick has been irrelevant in North America. Reflecting back on that report today I realize that should probably go down in the books as the initial sign that Buick has some life left in it after all...

Ask A Technician: How Many Tires do I Need?

Since tires affect the personality and performance of your vehicle, all four tires should be as identical as possible or handling problems may arise. If your tires don't match, it is possible that one end of your vehicle won't respond as quickly or completely as the other, making it more difficult to control.

Consider the following:


If your tires have a lot of remaining tread depth, but you need to replace just one that has been damaged by an accident, road hazard or a vandal, you should replace it with a tire that exactly matches the others. Select a replacement tire of the same brand, line, size and speed rating. While there may be a less expensive tire available, it wouldn't be a bargain this time because it would be different than the other three tires on your vehicle...

Not only does the new Suzuki Kizashi look good but also is extremely safe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has awarded the 2010 Suzuki Kizashi with five-star ratings in frontal and side-impact crash tests, the highest possible rating given. 

The all-new Kizashi includes a class-leading list of standard safety equipment, including class-exclusive standard eight airbags and a tire pressure monitoring system. Additionally, the 2010 Kizashi already meets some of the crash standards put in place for the year 2014, including rigorous side pole crash and side barrier crash standards. Better illumination is achieved in the Kizashi with standard projector beam headlights and supplemental side-mounted signal lights.

There is no better time to visit your Dayton Area Suzuki Dealer, Dave Arbogast to test-drive the new Suzuki Kizashi.