Paintless Dent Repair

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Unsightly Dent or Ding?

Did your vehicle get caught in a hail storm? Did the runaway shopping cart hit your car door? The Dave Arbogast Service Department can help. Properly repairing today’s complex vehicles requires more expert knowledge and specialized equipment than ever before. Our skilled personnel have the experience, knowledge, and proper equipment to restore your vehicle to it’s pre-damaged condition.

Advantages To Paintless Dent Repair:

  • Your car/truck keeps its original paint scheme.
  • No bondo/body filler used.
  • You can usually get same day service.
  • Less costly than traditional repair.
  • No parts to wait on.

When Can Paintless Dent Repair Be Utilized:

  • When the panel has not been repaired before.
  • Smaller to large dents.
  • The painted area itself is not cracking, scarred, or ripped up.
  • The dented up area is not along the outer edge of the panel involved.