What is a CVT Transmission?

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If you’re in the market for a new car, you may have seen “CVT” in the description of a new vehicle you’re considering, but what is CVT transmission? Our service team at Dave Arbogast has written this guide all about CVTs, how they work, and why they’re great options for some Troy drivers.

What is a CVT?

The acronym “CVT” stands for Continuously Variable Transmission. There are also other names for CVTs such as a shiftless transmission, a step-less transmission, or a pulley transmission.

If you aren’t familiar with what a CVT is, noticing that a vehicle comes with one might be disconcerting, but CVTs are actually very interesting. Basically, a CVT is a type of automatic transmission that has infinitely variable ratios instead of fixed gear ratios. This is possible because CVT works using two pulleys and an interceding chain or belt.

CVTs are commonly found in compact, fuel-efficient vehicles, and not as much in performance cars. If you’re looking for a vehicle that can get around Dayton without using too much fuel, a vehicle with CVT would be a good choice for you.

How Does a CVT Work?

CVT and regular transmissions power vehicles slightly differently. Regular transmissions work using a series of gears. Continuously variable transmissions work using cone-shaped pulleys that are connected by an intervening belt or chain. One pulley connects to the engine, and the other to the wheels. By changing where the belt rests on each of the two different cones, the ratio between them changes. Since they are cones, they are infinite possible ratios, and shifts are fluid and continuous. This makes for a smoother ride around Vandalia.

What are the Benefits of a CVT?

There are a few of benefits to a CVT:

  • Efficiency: Since a CVT doesn’t have to switch between gears, the engine can operate at the best possible power range, all without using more fuel than necessary. 
  • Simpler Design and Fewer parts: CVTs aren’t built from various gears, which means they’re easier to repair and have fewer parts to replace. When you need transmission service, your repair bill will be more affordable than if you had standard transmission.
  • A smoother ride: Since the transmission is continuously variable, you won’t notice the big shifts in driving that come with standard transmissions as, instead, there will be a smooth shift from one position to another.

Come to Dave Arbogast and Find a Vehicle with a CVT!

If you’re trying to protect the environment or cut fuel costs, buying a car with a CVT is a smart move. Do you still have questions about CVTs, or are you interested in scheduling a test drive in a vehicle with a CVT? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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