Air Filters and Cabin Air Filters

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Is it Time to Change Air Filters?

Changing the air filters when recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer is an important part of auto maintenance. A dirty air filter will not allow your car to breathe properly and affects emissions, gas mileage, and engine life. Replacing your cars air filter can increase MPG’s by as much as 14 percent. Air filters are designed to trap dirt, dust, and debris before it can enter your engine.

Depending on where you drive most, you may need to change the air filter more regularly. In dusty environments you will need to change the filter more frequently.

Cabin air filters are important for the airflow inside your vehicle. With a dirty cabin filter, the airflow is restricted and your heating and cooling system will not be as efficient. Cabin filters prevent dust, pollen, smoke, and other pollutants from reaching the inside of your vehicle. Cabin air filters are usually rectangular or square and can be located on the interior of the vehicle or under the hood. Review your owners manual to see if your vehicle has a Cabin Air Filter.

Air Filters are a relatively inexpensive fix when it comes to automobile maintenance. Changing the air filters regularly will ensure longevity of your vehicle’s engine, and will reduce the potential for costly repairs.

How do I tell when my air filters need replaced?

A visual inspection will allow you to determine when the air filters need replaced. If they are caked with dust or debris, it is in definite need of replacement. Changing the air filters every 12,000 to 15,000 miles is a good general rule of thumb. If you are unsure whether your air filters need replaced, contact our service department.