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What is Dexos Synthetic blend oil and why does Arbogast use it?

Synthetic blend oil  keeps an engine cleaner than conventional oil. Conventional oil picks up many impurities and nasty particles as it circulates through an engine, which can cause the formation of thick sludge that will reduce the efficiency and overall lifetime of your engine. Who wants that? Because synthetic oils are man-made, many of them have been customized to circulate through an engine more quickly and efficiently, collecting much less debris along the way. This limits the gunk and grime and keeps your engine running smoothly for longer.

However, the biggest difference between conventional oil and synthetic oil is its performance benefits. Unlike conventional oil, synthetic oil is distilled, and its molecular structure is broken down into its most basic form. Most of the impurities from the crude oil are removed, but more importantly, this allows individual oil molecules to be adjusted to the needs of each individual engine it serves.

What else is included with an oil change at Arbogast?

check mark  Free Alignment Check
check mark  Free Car Wash and Vacuum
check mark  Free Boston Stoker Coffee and food from our Cafe!
check mark  Free 23 point inspection:

  • Brake fluid level/condition
  • Check tire condition, pressure and tread depth
  • Coolant level/condition
  • CV joint boots and their condition
  • Differential fluid level
  • Engine oil level/condition
  • Exhaust system
  • Front/rear brake pads
  • Power steering fluid level/condition
  • Shocks/struts
  • Steering components
  • Suspension front/rear
  • Transfer case fluid level/condition
  • Transmission fluid level/condition
  • Wiper fluid level

Protect your family and your investment by having an oil change and safely check performed on your vehicle at the Dave Arbogast Service Department today.