What is a Lifted Jeep?


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Dave Arbogast is proud to have lifted Jeeps for sale to Troy and Dayton drivers. If you aren’t sure what a lifted Jeep is or why you would want one, we’re here to help. Through a partnership with Southern Comfort Automotive, we are able to give area drivers access to customized Jeep Wranglers optimized for off-road performance and designed with a unique sense of style – read on to learn a bit more about what separates these off-road machines from the average SUV.

A Primer on Lifted Jeeps

What is a lifted Jeep? If you’re asking the question, you probably already know what sets a Jeep apart from other vehicles on the road. The Wrangler is the iconic off-road SUV, and it has been for decades. A lifted Jeep Wrangler is simply a Wrangler that’s even better at heading off-road due to a suspension lift that raises the vehicle higher off the ground and enables it to traverse more rocky or uneven terrain with ease. Many models feature a set of huge tires that will help your Wrangler crawl ahead without breaking a sweat.

Style is almost as important as capabilities for a Jeep, and you can rest assured that our lifted Jeep models from Southern Comfort Automotive sport unique badging, special interior lighting, monogrammed stitching, and more. Models like the JK-Z1 and JK-Z2 feature 50-inch roof-mounted light bars for all-day and all-night adventures in your Jeep, and upgraded bumpers radically increase towing capacities to as high as 8,000 pounds.

An Overview of Our Selection

We’re proud to be able to offer three custom lifted Jeeps from Southern Comfort Automotive. No description can do them justice, so be sure to reach out to us to schedule some quality time in the driver’s seat.

JK-M1: A 3-inch suspension lift elevates this Wrangler up, and a set of 35-inch tires (on 18-inch custom wheels) let you ride over practically anything. Rock rails with adjustable side steps and rugged bumpers give you the tools you need to head off-road.

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JK-Z1: This Wrangler gets a 3-inch short-arm long-travel suspension lift and a steel heat reduction performance hood to prepare you for long days behind the wheel. A set of 35-inch performance tires are mounted to 20-inch black satin wheels for head-turning design – and there’s an extra full-size spare mounted to the rear just in case.

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JK-Z2: Take the JK-Z1 features and augment them with carbon fiber graphics and Rock Crawling rocker guards. When drivers think of the potential of the Jeep, the JK-Z2 is what they think of: rugged good looks mixed with impressive off-road capabilities.

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Each of these models sports unique badging that identifies it as more than the average Jeep, too. These three models are just the start of it; the Black Widow Jeep Wrangler is coming soon, and we can’t wait for you to see it.

Learn More About Lifted Jeeps or Sale in Troy and Dayton at Dave Arbogast

If you have any questions about lifted Jeeps or want to browse lifted Jeeps for sale near Dayton and Troy, just stop by Dave Arbogast, 3540 South County Road 25A. Contact us online or give us a call at 888-919-1635 to learn more or schedule a test drive.