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GM Unveils Riviera Concept in Shanghai

It's always fun to check out new concept vehicles and the Buick brand is no exception.

provided a peek into its future design aesthetics and strategy during the world premiere of the elegantly smooth and sweeping Riviera concept vehicle which was unveiled at Auto Shanghai on April 4, 2013.

The Riviera concept's design was inspired by the Chinese phrase "The greatest good is like water." Even while idle, the car...

OnStar Helps Deliver Baby?!

For all you fans of GMC and Buick vehicles with OnStar, this article is for you...

It's not necessarily part of an OnStar advisor's job requirements to help bring a new baby into the world, but that's just what one of these professionals did by coaching a pregnant woman through her labor. Other advisors have talked frantic individuals through providing a child with CPR, even instructing them on how to stem
serious hemorrhaging, while they waited for emergency medical services to arrive on the scene.

Critical services like these are thanks to OnStar First Assist, which enables specially-trained and certified emergency advisors to provide emergency medical dispatch service to motor vehicle users while they wait for the police, fire station or ambulance to arrive.

The world of compact sedans is one that offers a vast number of possibilities. As the craze for this type of vehicle has caught on, car manufactures have been refining their styling and packing the features into a space that is economical in very surprising ways. GM has been a significant contributor to this ideal range of cars, but they put their best foot forward in a way that they have not done in a...

Buick Celebrates 110 Years

As the 20th century arrived, the very first motorcars were making rare appearances on the streets of America. It was still an era primarily of horses and railroads. Yet, on May 19, 1903, the Buick Motor Company was incorporated. David Dunbar Buick was an early engine innovator that developed the overhead valve engine. In 1904, William C. Durant came on board at Buick to navigate this new type of motorized buggy through truly uncharted waters...

Chevrolet made the Grand Sport for buyers who wanted to improve the handling and acceleration of the base Corvette but didn't need the more powerful engine or cost of the Z06. Chevy added the stiffer springs, bigger dampers, thicker anti-roll bars, and larger tires (P275/35ZR18 in front and P325/30ZR19 in back) from Z06 to the base Corvette and got a car with a good balance between speed and handling. The body got...

Peyton Manning Gets "Blindsided" With Buick

In 2012, Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos for $93 million.

But did you know he also "signed" with General Motors, to promote its stylish and luxurious compact sedan, the Buick Verano?

Both deals turned out to be fortuitous for all involved.

The Verano promotion is a good "fit" in that Buick needs to convince the car-buying public good things come in small packages. The 2013 Verano represented Buick's first foray into...

Buick Drawing Younger Buyers

Although in the past, Buick's vehicles have been stereotyped as cars
for an older demographic, the brand has found ways to reinvent itself through the past few years, developing new models which are both sleek and sophisticated.

The average age of a Buick buyer five years ago was 64. Now it's 57.

The restyled Buick Regal is largely responsible for attracting thsi new segement of younger buyers. The average age...

Shaq's New Commcerial Ad for Buick

A guy as big as former NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal couldn't possibly have just one nickname. 

In Buick's latest ad, aptly named "Big," Shaq smoothly boasts of his 15 larger-than-life nicknames, ranging from Big Shamrock to Big Aristotle. And a 16th nickname make be in order: Big Smoocher. In this playful commercial for the car company's second-generation Buick LaCrosse, Shaq plants a big one on the forehead of a petite male valet...

2011 Cadillac SRX - Used Car of The Week

The 2011 Cadillac SRX has some big shoes to fill.  It's a Cadillac so it has a certain cachet, but it has to have good quality components, adequate acceleration, plenty of room and something for the kids to watch on long drives.

The 2011 Cadillac SRX lives up to its name in every aspect. The engine provides more than enough power for any driver. The interior is full of extra features that make driving the Cadillac SRX good for long trips. The exterior looks like a Cadillac ought to look.

From the side, the SRX had long broad lines that suggest importance and size. The front is properly heavy and complicated, The roof slopes back in an aggressive line. The interior is where the people who own a Cadillac live and General Motors is aware of that. They used quality materials and striking design to make any drive in the SRX enjoyable. Anyone buying a Cadillac expects unusual luxury touches and the SRX has them. If you want to consult the navigation system, a touch screen rises out of the dash instead of dominating the front of the dashboard. The entertainment system for the rear seats will play two different programs at once. Really a good idea if you have kids of different ages...

Buick's Iconic NCAA Moments: Lending a Helping Hand...

For players, coaches, and fans, March Madness means great games, exciting upsets, and unforgettable moments that are etched into college basketball history. For Buick, March Madness in 2013 is another opportunity to allow fans to relive those iconic moments and to team up with the Samaritan's Feet charity to distribute shoes to needy children.

Samaritan's Feet

For the third consecutive year, Buick and Samaritan's Feet are assisting each other in an effort...