Buick and MapMyFitness Team Up for Challenge

July 16th, 2014 by

2394c1178e2a11e8eb556096394e9885xBuick and MapMyFitness, and Under Armour company, have partnered together to bring runners the “Runs Worth the Drive Challenge.” Not only will runners be rewarded for rising to the challenge, but they will also have the opportunity to exchange information on their favorite running routes to discover new favorites and new challenges. All of this, they can do while learning how their active lifestyle dovetails with vehicles like the Buick Verano.

Last year, MapMyFitness apps users totaled more than 500 million miles ran in the U.S. According to a survey of those users, 71 percent said they drove to a starting point for their work-outs.

This partnership with Buick marks the first time an automaker has created a challenge with MapMyFitness.

According to Buick’s Marketing Director Sandra Moore, Buick recognized how important lifestyle activities were to customers’ car-buying decisions. By partnering with MapMyFitness, Moore said, the company has a “fun opportunity” to allow the app’s users to share their experiences and passion while also seeing how the Verano is suited to their active lifestyle.

MapMyFitness President Robin Thurston confirmed the connection between active lifestyles and car purchasing decisions. A recent survey of the MayMyFitness community showed that 87 percent of its members opted to purchase vehicles that fit well into their life. This connection is what made the partnership with the Buick Verano a natural fit. The “Runs Worth the Drive Challenge,” according to Thurston, seemed a perfect way to inspire fitness audiences for both partners.

The “Runs worth the Drive Challenge” began on June 26. Participants must log five miles of running each week for a total of six weeks. The competition is tracked on the MapMyFitness website, with weekly prizes awarded. Any runs at least five minutes long are totaled into a user’s profile and count toward the goal of running a grand total of 30 miles in six weeks. All progress is measured and recorded in real time.

Winners meeting that 30-mile goal will be entered into a grand prize drawing where they can win a trip to Phoenix, Ariz., all expenses paid. While there, they will participate in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and Half-Marathon.

For Buick, this seemed like a perfect pairing. The Verano Turbo is a compact sedan, which makes it great for runners, particularly those who live in urban areas. Its design allows it to fit into smaller parking spaces and boasts and interior that has been tested to resist stains common for runners (sweat, sunscreen and bug sprays). The car is also powerful under the hood; it has a turbocharged 250-horsepower engine. That makes it faster and more powerful than many other sedans on the market, including competitors like the Acura ILX, Audi A3, and Lexus IS250.

The car offers a high level of comfort as it brings runners to and from running locations as they aim for their 30-mile goal.

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