Buick Continues Sales Momentum in July

August 7th, 2014 by

Buick sales have really gathered a head of steam and seem destined to maintain the momentum. In all, sales have been up by four percent compared to this time last year.  July figures continue that with record-breaking figures.

What does that mean for consumers? Apparently, it means that these less expensive luxury automobiles are offering all the ‘bells and whistles’ at a more affordable price. The evidence? Some 42 percent of buyers were new to the brand in 2013, when the trend began.

For July, sales jumped 8 percent compared to last year’s July figures. These 2014 sales gains would be impressive on their own, but keep in mind that 2013 saw the greatest Buick sales in its 110 year history. What’s more, the sales increases are across the board. The sedans are doing well, but so are the crossovers and the large 7-seat Enclave SUV.  Once again a leading sedan, the Buick Regal has increased sales by 35 percent. For July, Regal sales were 5 percent higher than the same month in 2013.

Consumer Reports may have gotten a read on these sales. Its reviewers examined the Regal, drove it, and crunched its numbers. Then the magazine declared the Regal to be equal to more expensive sedans including the Mercedes-Benz C250 and the BMW 328. When consumers are told they can save $20,000 or more and still get a trusted, luxurious product that is also an outstanding road performer, it’s no wonder they pay attention.

The Buick Encore has sold well, too. Autoblog, a leading automotive review site, noted that Buick dealers have spent the summer “trying to keep up with demand” for the compact crossover. Sales rose 28 percent in a year-by-year comparison. In June alone, sales were up almost 85 percent, showing just how popular this crossover really is.  The Regal and Encore aren’t the only ones breaking records. The Buick Lacrosse saw a remarkable 14 percent jump in sales when compared to July 2013. Car and Driver has called the Lacrosse ‘a quiet success story.’ The Buick Enclave saw a 6 percent rise compared to the same time last year. Clearly Buick has been reclaiming its place as the affordable luxury vehicle.  What’s pushing the sales? Of course, there are different answers depending on the source. Buick leadership points to the focus on styling and a greater emphasis on performance.

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