Buick Enclave Ad Wins Luxury Auto Campaign of the Year

April 28th, 2014 by

79fc0b2714a8e358fbb79022b15414a6xThe luxury car brand Buick received quite a prestigious accolade at the eighth annual Automotive Advertising Awards in April. Nielsen declared one of the brand’s television commercials as the “2013 Luxury Campaign of the Year.” This comes after Ace Metrix declared Buick the “2013 Brand of the Year” in January based on the same advertising campaign.

The advertising campaign focuses on a commercial called “Landing,” which features the Buick Enclave, a full-size luxury crossover SUV that Buick, a division of General Motors, began making in May 2007. The ad focuses on a family of four on an airplane, arriving home from a tropical vacation only to find snow, ice and temperatures that are well below freezing. While they family is disappointed and under-dressed, they are able to use the Enclave’s remote functions to start the car, turn on the seat warmers, and control the vehicle’s climate before they arrive at the parking lot.

Viewers see the father use his smartphone to activate the remote functions which does require an OnStar connection. In 2013, GM announced that all vehicles made in the United State would come with these RemoteLink Key Fob Services that allow car owners to start the vehicle from anywhere they have wireless or cellular service, unlock doors, and turn on lights or blare the horn remotely. The service also helps car owners monitor functions of the vehicle like fuel level, tire pressure and oil life, as well as connect to an OnStar Advisor in the case of an emergency.

The service lasts for five years from the date that the car owner receives his or her vehicle, and it is activated by simply downloading an app to the person’s smartphone. Each vehicle also comes with an OnStar Directions and Connections six-month plan.

According to Buick marketing director Sandra Moore, the company is working hard to promote its vehicles’ extra features such as the RemoteLink Key Fob Services. Moore says 2013 saw record-breaking sales numbers for the Enclave and that the company is glad customers are paying attention to its message.

In choosing the winner, Nielsen used four types of criteria: how well consumers remember the advertisements, how well consumers like the advertisements, how well consumers are able to link the brand to the advertisements and how well consumers remember the brand’s message. Because it is a reward for luxury vehicles, Nielsen also relies on a particular demographic. Consumers must make at least $75,000 a year and be between the ages of 25 and 54.

Since 2010, Buick continues to see an increase in sales of all of the vehicles that fall within its brand. In 2013 alone, the brand saw am overall 14 percent increase in sales from 2012.

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