Buick, OnStar Ushering in New Era of Road Trips

July 10th, 2014 by

4ada983cb09c8a299fdffcc9eef1cd25xNot too long ago, road trips required maps, planning ahead and sometimes pulling over to figure out where you were. The worst thing would be realizing you missed a turn or exit, ending up in a strange place and having to figure out how to get back on track. This meant wasting a lot of valuable time. In this modern age of technology, however, people hardly ever use maps anymore. All you need on a road trip is your Smartphone and you’re good to go, assuming, of course, you have internet access.

Buick and OnStar

Buick has gone a step further by teaming up with OnStar 4G LTE to make sure you are always connected. In keeping up with the modern age of technology, many of the new Buick models are incorporating this built-in Wi-Fi system so that you never end up in some remote area without a signal. The OnStar Wi-Fi can be accessed through your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. As many as seven devices can be connected to the internet this way. The OnStar Wi-Fi connection is available both inside the vehicle and in the area immediately surrounding the vehicle, so that you don?t lose connection as soon as you step outside to stretch your legs.


With OnStar, you can get to where you need to be without worrying about having a map spread across the dashboard or losing internet connection on your mobile device. You will always have your own personal internet ready to go. You can get weather updates, news, traffic and other travel information such as where the nearest rest stop, restaurant or hotel is located. You never have to worry about missing turns and exits or wondering how far the next lodging area is.

Fun for family

OnStar makes road trips with the family more fun than ever. Your family can enjoy watching movies, playing games, catching up with their friends on social media sites or listening to their favorite music. They will be happier, which means they will be less apt to get on each other?s nerves. This makes the vehicle a happy and peaceful family environment rather than one marked by boredom, tension and stress. With OnStar making internet a constant presence, no one has to be on edge worrying about getting lost due to lack of maps or internet connection. This cuts down on any arguments about which way to turn. It also cuts out the necessity of stopping to ask for directions.

Travel for the future

With the Buick and OnStar partnership you are entering a new era of road trips. It is the way of future travel. OnStar makes travel fun, easy and convenient for the whole family. It is something everyone will look forward to rather than dread. The road trip itself can be the highlight of the travel experience, which can be memorialized with photos that can be instantly uploaded online and shared with friends and family.

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