Car Battery Check & Repair

When Should I Change My Battery?

The battery is actually one of the most important components on your vehicle. Although the battery’s primary responsibility is to help crank the engine, it also powers the various electrical components. Car batteries are engineered to last for a very long time. However, they will definitely need to be replaced at some point. Here are some tips on when to change your vehicle’s battery.How long do batteries last?
Before leaving the factory, modern automotive batteries are stamped with an expiration date. On average, most car batteries have a lifespan of five to seven years. However, there are several factors that can decrease a battery’s longevity. If you own a vehicle that is rarely driven, do not expect its battery to last as long. When a battery sits in storage, it gradually loses a bit of its charge with each passing day. Routinely leaving your lights on can also cut the battery’s life in half.

Does my battery need to be replaced?
Your battery certainly needs to be replaced before its expiration date. An expired car battery is far more likely to leave you stranded in an empty parking lot. Luckily, most batteries do not completely fail at once. They typically begin to show signs of weakness. If your vehicle takes longer to crank than usual, this could be an indication of a bad battery. To be on the safe side, it is always a good idea to have the battery tested by a trained automotive technician.

Where to go to have it changed?
Your Buick GMC dealer will have a battery to match your specific vehicle. Although most car batteries may look the same, they can actually differ from each other. In order for your battery to function properly, it has to have the correct amperage rating. Before installing a new battery, your Buick GMC dealer will make certain that your old one is actually bad.

Will my new battery require any maintenance?
While many batteries are advertised as being maintenance-free, they still need a certain amount of upkeep. The battery terminals need to be periodically inspected for any corrosion. The battery cables may also need to be re-tightened after a while.