The 2020 GMC Sierra MultiPro Tailgate

October 8th, 2020 by

The MultiPro tailgate found on the 2020 GMC Sierra shows that a tailgate can be more useful than many people had previously thought. The truck tailgate had remained relatively the same for many years. Small innovations such as being able to drop the tailgate with a key fob or with a button inside the cabin had been made, yet the tailgate itself remained fundamentally the same on almost every truck on the market. Not only does the 2020 GMC Sierra have the ability to drop the gate with your key or inside the cabin, the GMC Sierra’s MultiPro tailgate represents an entirely new innovation to the tailgate itself. This new tailgate includes a smaller cutout portion of the tailgate, and this small change opens up many more functional ways the gate itself can be used.

Tailgate Configurations

While most trucks have tailgates, not all tailgates are made the same. The GMC Sierra tailgate is made for anything. With six unique tailgate configurations, the possibilities are endless.

The first position is just your standard primary tailgate release. Nothing new about this one, just hit the top button on your tailgate, or there is a tailgate release in the cabin, and on your key fob as well.

The second position is the load stop. With the tailgate open, simply fold up the load stop. This position is helpful for cargo that is maybe just a little too long to fit in with the tailgate up.

The third position is the foldable inner gate. The inner gate folds down for easier access into the bed.

The fourth position is the full-width step. Fold out your load stop with your inner gate down and you find a full-width step for easy access to the bed. With this arm folded out you can get in the back of your truck easier than ever before.

The fifth position is the inner gate work surface. Simply fold down the load stop and open only in inner gate part of the tailgate. This will provide you an easy-access work bench while camping or on the go.

The sixth position is the inner gate load stop. While in the workbench configuration, simply fold up the load stop and now you have a load stop for items on the upper part of the box.

Versatile, Safe, and Convenient

The GMC Sierra tailgate is like no other tailgate seen by drivers. Its versatility allows it to be used six different ways. The tailgate is designed to improve the safety of both transporting goods and loading them in and out of the truck bed. At the end of a long day, the tailgate can be used as a resting chair and then as a step stool to get into the truck bed. The work bench configuration has proven to be very useful on fishing trips. The load stop converts your box to perfect length for a couple of dirt bikes. And the list goes on.

The 2020 GMC Sierra

The MultiPro Tailgate is the perfect addition drivers did not know they needed until they saw it. These vehicles are perfect for a wide variety of uses. The above video will show each tailgate configuration. Stop by our dealership located in Troy, Ohio to check out the MultiPro tailgate on a beautiful 2020 GMC Sierra Denali, Sierra AT4 or Sierra SLT model. This tailgate style can also be found on many of our lifted trucks. Dave Arbogast Buick GMC is here to help every driver get into the truck of their choice!

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