Magnetic Ride Control Enhances Attraction of Sierra Denali

June 25th, 2014 by

The 2015 Sierra Denali from GMC is already one of the most attractive trucks available because it is so technologically advanced. The truck is compatible with eyes-free systems on mobile devices and includes a built-in wireless Internet hotspot. The advanced technology extends under the hood as well. The suspension on the Denali uses a magnetic ride control system that is the culmination of over a decade of research by GM. Drivers will want to understand how this system works and why it makes the 2015 Denali so attractive.

Scan Changing Road Conditions

The first part of the magnetic ride system on the Sierra Denali involves a fast array of sensors that track the road. These sensors measure the distance to the road just ahead and will note changes like potholes or debris. The sensors also measure the speed, direction, angle and other elements of the truck itself. This data is recorded and sent to the rest of the magnetic ride system once every millisecond while driving.

Magneto-Rheological Fluid

A key component of the magnetic ride control system is magneto-rheological fluid. This is fluid inside of each of the cylinders in the shocks on the truck. This fluid is different from what is usually found in most shock absorbers because it is saturated with particles of iron. The iron is magnetic. Each of the cylinders is wrapped in an electromagnetic coil. Charging the coils with electricity causes the iron particles in the fluid to align in varying amounts. This realignment actually controls the viscosity of the fluid to a very precise degree. The iron particles can be realigned far more times every millisecond than the electronic control unit demands.

Adaptive Shock Absorbers

An electronic control unit combines the sensors and the shocks into a single adaptive suspension system. The readings from the sensors are analyzed in relation to the position and speed of the truck. The electromagnetic coils are then adjusted so that the viscosity of the fluid in the shocks is changed. The density of the fluid will directly help to dampen any changes in the road that would have normally caused sharp bumps or instability. The suspension can actually be adjusted as quickly as every five milliseconds in response to changing road conditions.

Benefits of Magnetic Ride Control

The magnetic ride control system on the 2015 Sierra Denali has several different benefits. It creates a smoother and more comfortable ride for drivers even when traveling across broken or unpaved roads. The technology also does not employ excessive valves or other delicate components. This prevents the Denali from losing towing capacity or horsepower while operating. Magnetic ride control can help with stability while towing heavy loads. It creates a better experience for drivers and passengers no matter how the truck is being used.

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