New Buick LaCrosse Driving Fashion Forward

May 30th, 2014 by

LaCrosseWhile most drivers believe that a car’s performance is it’s most important characteristic, a close second is a car’s physical appearance. This is especially true when it comes to a car’s interior, which is why the internationally recognized luxury car brand Buick is making major innovations in upgrading the interior design of their already award winning LaCrosse models.

Through a global network of designers, Buick has created new sculpted designs that create a luxurious interior environment using personal, responsive technologies that make a design statement reflecting the latest trends in high-end fashion through the use of elegant furnishings and superior product design. A showpiece example of these new Buick interior fashions can be found in the unique appearance of the 2014 LaCrosse sedan. In what Buick has dubbed the Ultra Luxury Interior Package, the LaCrosse employs color combinations that reflect current fashions adapted from an array of luxury market industries.

For example, the LaCrosse combines ebony and sangria colors that employ semi-aniline premium leather that has been dyed sangria which is then employed on the armrests. The door pillars and sueded headliner complement the armrests with the use of ebony colored accents such as Radiant Orchid, which has been declared by some fashion critics as Color of the Year for 2014. The resulting reverberating color contrasts were described by WGSN Fashion Trend Forecasting as “an intense, yet calming color perfectly suited for interiors.”

Further sublime accents are achieved through the use of wood trim featuring authentic Shadow Tamo Ash for use on the dashboard, doors and console. Shadow Tamo Ash is the same trim often used on high quality artistic items such as musical instruments. Because the trim has a grain that is always unique to each particular piece, the result is that no two interiors are exactly alike in the Ultra Luxury Interiors series.

The goal of Buick is to create a distinct interior design that reflects both luxury and a personal expression of the car owner’s tastes. Special attention has been paid to small but essential details such as the texture and color of the high grade leather, the use of natural wood and even the stitching used. The result is traditional elegance that is also unconventional and unique, thereby reflecting more accurately the personal preferences and fashion tastes of the owner.

To date the Ultra Luxury Interior Package is available in the 2014 models of the LaCrosse Premium models that come with the 3.6L V-6 engine. Through the use of the best materials and close attention to the most recent luxury trends in the automotive industry and beyond, Buick’s LaCrosse is driving fashion forward into the frontiers of automotive design innovation.

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