Park Assist Helps Drivers Safely Parallel Park the 2020 Buick Encore GX

September 23rd, 2020 by

Fifty percent of drivers will pass up an empty parking space to avoid parallel parking. The optional Park Assist feature available on the Buick Encore GX eases some of these parallel parking concerns by doing it for you.

How Buick Encore GX Park Assist Works

Front and rear sensors help guide the Encore into a parking space. The four Park Assist sensors located on the front and back bumpers are collision avoidance devices. The sensors’ maximum ranges are 4′ (front) and 8′ (rear). Ground obstructions at least 10″ high are detectable. Ultimately, responsibility for avoiding damage to other vehicles and property rests with the Encore’s operator. With that in mind, when the Park Assist sensors on your 2020 Buick Encore GX detect that an object is too close, audible, physical, and visual warning signals are triggered. The auditory alarm is a series of beeps. The rapidity of the beeps indicates the obstruction’s closeness. The shorter the intervals between beeps, the closer the object. As you move away from the obstacle, the beeping becomes less frequent. With the activation of the collision alert system, colored bars appear on the instrument cluster. The bars indicate the position and proximity of the collision hazard. The number of bars increases or decreases as you grow closer or move further away from the object. The color of the bars further indicates the distance between your Encore and the blockage. Yellow is your initial warning. Amber means you are getting nearer the hazard. Red signals that a collision is imminent. When your Buick Encore GX 2020 enters the forward Close Zone (one foot from an object), the seat will vibrate. The rearward Close Zone is two feet.

Using Buick Encore GX Park Assist

Now it is time to talk about parallel parking using Park Assist with the all new Buick Encore GX. There is an array of buttons located between the dash and gear selection lever. The Park Assist button is fifth from the left and marked with a P, sound waves, and two squares. A red light on the on/off switch indicates that Parking Assist is engaged. Parking Assist will not engage until your Buick Encore GX slows to 7 m.p.h or slower. A display on the touchscreen will allow you to choose between parallel and perpendicular parking and whether you will be parking on the left or right side of the street. When activated, a signal sounds indicating that an adequate parking space is found. Stop your Encore just ahead of the space and shift into reverse. Next, Park assist begins maneuvering your Encore into the spot. A display on your infotainment center indicates when it is time to brake and change gears. Remember: When using Park Assist, safe operation of the Encore GX remains the driver’s responsibility.

Sensor Cleaning Dos and Don’ts

For the sensors to work at peak efficiency, the lenses must be kept clean.  To maintain the sensor lenses, follow these few guidelines listed below.

Do: Use cold or lukewarm water on the lens.

Don’t: Use alcohol, petroleum based products, or harsh cleansing agents

Don’t: Wipe dirt off of a dry lens.

Do: Use a soft cloth

Don’t: Use a scraper or abrasive cleaner.

If you would like to see the Buick Encore GX Park Assist feature in action, watch the above video. Stop by Dave Arbogast Buick GMC in Troy, Ohio today and see why the 2020 Buick Encore GX is quickly becoming a favorite among drivers in the Dayton area.

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