Tow Like a Pro with the 2019 GMC Sierra

August 19th, 2019 by

The new GMC Sierra has advanced safety and towing features, bringing buyers a more secure and convenient ride in 2019. The ProGrade Trailering package assist those in need of a positive towing experience, including the following features:

Hitch Guidance
In addition to a rear vision camera, the 2019 GMC Sierra also features a hitch view to guide those with a trailer attached. Hitch View mode also has a zoom function to allow the camera to focus in on the hitch and create a better maneuvering experience. This feature offers users both pan and tilt function, giving the best possible angle and view for trailer towing drivers.

Hitch Lighting
The 2019 GMC Sierra features simple yet effective special area lighting to make trailer connections easier on the driver, day and night.

Parking Brake Assist
With the new GMC Sierra’s ProGrade Trailering package, the vehicle features an auto electric assist for the best possible positioning. This means that the Sierra automatically applies the parking break after backing up to a trailer hitch and the car is shifted into park. No extra hassle, as this function stops any additional movement that would make positioning more difficult.

Integrated Trailer Brake Controller
Drivers of the new Sierra with multiple trailers can now create specific trailer profiles, tailoring different brake level settings depending on each individual profile, through the Sierra’s In-Vehicle Trailering App.

New Sierra Towing App
Integrating each of the above features and more, the ProGrade Trailering Package’s 2019 Trailering App is essential to the trailer and towing experience. The In-Vehicle App allows access to safety features, trailer towing must-haves, and even the Sierra’s infotainment system. The In-Vehicle App includes new necessities specific to trailer towing, such as trailer theft alert, maintenance reminders, tracking of mileage, pressure monitoring of the trailer’s tires, and light tests. The trailer profiles mentioned for the brake controller are available here, along with reminders and checklists for trips and hauling.

The In-Vehicle App for Trailering is available within the myGMC mobile app, which it is easily integrated with.

With or without the ProGrade Trailering Package, 2019 GMC Sierra Towing features make the experience easier than ever before!

Camera Package
The 2019 Sierra comes with a trailering camera package, allowing the driver of the Sierra to easily view the sides of the truck and trailer when backing up by utilizing two additional rear-facing cameras within the side mirrors.

Tow/Haul Mode
The new Sierra easily detects when a trailer is attached, then shows a reminder to the driver to engage Tow/Haul Mode on the transmission. This mode stays engaged for up to four hours automatically, even when the engine is shut off, and ensures that the transmission will shift at the points where additional power is most needed for towing.

Sway Control
With sway control drivers no longer have to worry about trucks and their trailers having different directions in mind. The 2019 GMC Sierra senses trailer sway and corrects it through tow brakes or a dialing back of engine power.

Automatic Braking on Grades
Drivers with trailers know that braking on a steep grade can be tricky with a trailer in tow; drivers of the new 2019 GMC Sierra don’t have to worry. On a steep incline, the Sierra will sense the grade braking and trigger a downshift to save the life of the brakes and ensure safety down the slope.

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