New 2022 GMC Sierra Harley-Davidson Lifted Truck Review

April 4th, 2023 by

Join Brian as he shows you this brand new 2022 GMC Sierra Harley-Davidson Edition!  This is an exclusive Lifted Truck package from Harley-Davidson and Tuscany Trucks, a division of Fox Motor Company. If you are a Harley Motorcycle person, this truck is for you!

The Harley-Davidson Truck is loaded with features that set these trucks apart, and definitely make them stand out on the road! Featuring a premium 6 inch lift kit and high durability suspension built exclusively for these Harley edition trucks.  35 by 12.5 All-Terrain Tires compliment the Harley exclusive 22 inch Fat Boy style wheels. If you look closely at the grille, you will notice all of the Harley-Davidson logo cutouts with the iconic orange surround along with the recovery hooks below. Integrated into the front bumper is a custom fitted off-road light bar that will surely light up any dark terrain that lies ahead of you. Along the sides the custom rock rails protect the underside of this Harley Truck. Once any door opens, the power running boards emerge from behind the rock rails, just adding to the clean look of this truck. When you fire up the 6.2 liter V8 under the hood, the custom exhaust doesn’t only look good, it just absolutely roars!

The attention to detail on the interior of this truck really sets it apart from other custom trucks. The all leather seating is diamond-stitched throughout with orange accents and embroidered Harley-Davidson logos. This is a next-level truck with all the features of the GMC Sierra AT4 package, it really delivers all of the features that today’s drivers demand. If you want an iconic, head turning, rugged yet refined truck – the GMC Sierra Harley-Davidson edition should definitely be on your list! If you have any questions about Harley-Davidson edition trucks, we encourage you to give us a call at  or contact us!

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody, Brian Russo here with Dave Arbogast Buick GMC. Today, I want to bring you a 2022 GMC Sierra Harley-Davidson edition. This is done by Tuscany Motor Company. This is a branch of Fox Motorsports. This vehicle has a high durability suspension built for the Harley-Davidson truck. If you follow me around this, this is going to have lots of accents to Harley-Davidson.

It’s going to have a grille replacement. And if you get close in there, you’ll actually see that that’s the Harley Davidson emblem. It’s going to have the orange tow hooks. It’s going to have the light bar. This vehicle’s dressed up with everything Harley-Davidson. You can think about it. If you’re a Harley person, this truck is for you.

Now, come on inside. I want to show you a few other things. As soon as you open that door, you’re going to see the body contour power running board. And when this is lifted up inside, this is actually used as a rock shield as well. So if you wanted to go off roading with this truck, you don’t have to worry about scraping or dinging your paint.

And if you look inside here as well, you’re going to see some Harley-Davidson accents, diamond stitching, orange stitching to match that Harley-Davidson package. All right, guys, back over here. If we look at the wheels. These are even exclusive to Harley-Davidson. It’s going to have a fat boy style wheel. That’s a 22 inch rim. And it’s going to be dressed with a 33 inch tire.

All right. And if you follow me back here, you’re going to also see the Harley Davidson exclusive badging. They’re equipped with the MultiPro Tailgate and once you drop that down, you’re also going to see a Harley-Davidson bed rug to protect your bed and your interior. Whatever you need to stow, you almost have a full trunk on this vehicle.

An easy access handle comes down and it also has a locking mechanism. And I don’t know if you can see this now, but it has the Harley-Davidson emblem etched on top of that as well. Also back here, you’re going to see a dual billet exhaust with the orange Harley-Davidson accents. And if you walk around here, you’re also going to see an exclusive to the Tuscany Fox Sport Motor Company, the Fender flares. They’re actually body painted to match the color of the truck.

All right, now that we’re inside here, you’re going to see lots of features. This is an AT4 Premium Package, but dressed with the Harley-Davidson edition and folks, they’ve only done a limited set of these. This one itself is number 97 off the production line. Like I said, these things are exclusive.

They’re one of a kind and has everything inside. You have safety features, heads-up display, HD surround vision, Apple and Android CarPlay, heated and air conditioned seats, heated steering wheel, push button four wheel drive. You can change this for multiple different modes. You can go sport mode off road mode, regular mode, you have lane keep assist adaptive cruise control. It’s everything you could ask for in a truck of this caliber.


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