The 2019 GMC Sierra’s New Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System

March 12th, 2019 by

Send DenaliSince its introduction to the U.S. market nearly two decades ago, the GMC Sierra has been a staple among those that need to haul heavy cargo. The heavy-duty pickup truck is built to get the job done. For the 2019 model, GMC has upped the ante and included innovative technology to keep drivers safe and prepared on their travels. GMC Sierra towing is going to be made much easier thanks to the introduction of the trailer tire pressure monitor system.

This feature will complement the manufacturer’s existing tire pressure monitoring system that keeps track of how the truck’s individual tires are doing; however, it extends coverage to the tires on your trailer and displays that information wirelessly.

Four wireless pressure sensors come with the truck. Prior to taking off, drivers will need to install the sensors on the trailer tires and perform a short setup process. All of this can be done via the myGMC smartphone application. During the installation process, drivers must input the recommended values for their specific trailer. Typically, this information is found within an owner’s manual or on a placard provided by the trailer manufacturer. These recommended values are used by the system to provide alerts when necessary. It will automatically compare the current value to the recommended value and display “high” or “low” alerts accordingly. This feature will work in tandem with other great trailering assistants within the myGMC application to ensure that drivers are ready for the road.

The trailer tire pressure monitor checks both pressure and temperature. In addition to displaying alerts on the smartphone application, GMC has confirmed that it will also display onto a page in the Driver Information Center. Located between the gauges in front of the driver, this information center will provide real-time information when issues occur.

This unique monitoring system will be available on a variety of build configurations. It’s set to make its debut on the SLE, Elevation, SLT, AT4, and Denali trims. For most of the trim levels, this feature will be a part of an optional upgrade package. For the SLE and Elevation, it’s only available with the ProGrade Trailering System. For the SLT, it’s part of the standard and Texas Editions of the SLT Premium Plus Package. For the AT4, it’s part of the AT4 Premium Package. Finally, for the Denali, it’s included in the top-of-the-line Denali Ultimate Package.

This feature must be included during the purchase of the vehicle. The system is installed at the factory and shipped alongside the truck. However, driver’s do have the opportunity to add on to the upgrade. Additional sensors will be available from GMC to drivers that have the system. This makes it possible to monitor multiple trailers without having to reconfigure and reinstall the sensors each time a new trailer is hooked up.

The new trailer tire pressure monitor will change the GMC Sierra towing game. It’ll offer more flexibility and peace of mind to drivers across the country. When properly equipped, driver’s will have the tools and information they need to tow confidently.

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